• HMC1023 device ID

     Can you confirm what value is loaded in the Chip_ID register 0x00? We do not see 0xD7780 as indicated in the datasheet. We thought maybe D7780 meant decimal 7780, but even that doesn’t explain the value we are seeing. If we read other registers, we see…

  • HMC1023 Noise Figure vs. Gain

    How does the 10 dB noise figure of HMC1023 change as the gain of the VGA changes?

  • Disable one channel in HMC1023 and HMC960


    I want to use HMC960 + HMC1023 as a programmable-gain programmable-BW block, however I need one channel only. Is it possible to disable (for power saving) the second channel (let's say "Q") by grounding VDDQ pins and keep operating on "I" channel…

  • HMC1023LP5E : magnitude/phase variation vs temperature


    For gain variation vs temperature, HMC1023 datasheet is accurate : * 3 dB frequency variation = +/-2.5% for calibrated device

                                                                                                                 * 3 dB frequency variation / °C = +/-0.03% / °C

    Have you more information about phase variation versus temperature…

  • Vp-p of HMC960

    Hi, here is my schematic, i wonder why the Vp-p of HMC960&HMC1023 can only reach 300mV rather than 2V?

  • RE: EVAL-HMC1023LP5 and HMC6356 USB Interface

    Solved! The communication is now working. I had to add a 10pF cap in parallel with R55 of the "HMC1023 Baseband Filter Eval" schematic.

    BTW the USB drivers for the DLP-2232H need to be downloaded and installed from the DLP website. The DLP-2232M…

  • Protecting input of AD9250

    Hi there,

    I've got a system with an AD9250 which is being driven by an HMC1023. The HMC1023 is driving a 330 ohm load across the ADC input through a pair of 40R resistors (i.e. one in each arm of diff pair giving a total load of around 400R). At the…

  • RE: ADRF6518 source code C# visual studio requried

    The evaluation software that works with the evaluation board is on the product webpage for download:


    The source code is not given out, unfortunately.  Also, note that the ADRF6518 is not recommended for new designs.  You may want…

  • The Filter HMC1023LP5E Insertion Loss

    I am evaluating the filter HMC1023 with the Eval board. I sent the input signal to IIP pin, and the output OIP pin to the Spectrum analyzer. The result Insertion loss = 10dB +, and this is way too much. My question is what is the resistor network (R21…