• HMC1010 ENX

    Hi all,

    RF input is available, when using ENX = Hi power down mode ?

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  • Matching Components for HMC1010

    Question: Do you have recommendations for input matching component values for frequencies beyond those listed in the HMC1010 datasheet?

    Answer: The attached list provides recommended matching components for a variety of operating frequencies.

  • HMC1010 Frequency Range

    HMC1010 is specified to work to 3.9 GHz. Will it still work at 4.5 GHz (possibly with degraded performance)? Are there any similar devices that are specified to operate at 4.5 GHz?

  • Power supply voltage of HMC1010

    My customer found that HMC1010's supply voltage should use +5.4V ~ +5.5V, the high voltage area of the power supply range allowed by HMC1010's datasheet. So they ask for ADI's advice on this.

    Under the assumption that HMC1010's supply voltage…

  • Values of HMC1010 input RLC

    My customer wants to use HMC1010 in 260~264MHz.

    Data sheet of HMC1010 provides reference value for 900MHz and 2100MHz as below.

    But, I could not find reference values for low frequency.

    Could you pls provide reference values in 260~264MHz?


  • What different with HMC1010 and HMC1020?


    Our customer want to know what different with HMC1010 and HMC1020.

    Could you tell me what different points?

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    Lonnie Kim(ADI DFAE) 

  • HMC1010 Log slope and intercept calculation formulas


    My customers are considering HMC 1010.

    I got a question about calculation formula of log slope and interception.

    If we use RFBK = 4.7 KΩ, RSHUNT = 2.2 KΩ, and RSET = 24 KΩ when determining β on page 11-22, the calculation result is β = 3.33.…

  • Pin compatible between HMC1010, HMC1020 and HMC909

    I think that HMC1010, HMC1020 and HMC909 is a pin compatible devices.

    Is that right?


  • RE: TDD test HMC1010LP4E rms detector? peak detector !!!

    Hi there,

    HMC1010 should always behave like rms detector, not peak detector. Suggest checking the SCI digital input configuration pins which govern the square-domain averaging. Choose an SCI configuration that gives good smooth measurement result with…

  • HMC1020 SCI1-4 Configurations

    I have few questions regarding the HMC1020 RMS RF power detector that we use in
    some of our designs:

    1.       I saw that in the new datasheet of HMC1020 the number of combinations
    of the SCI1-4 logic pins was reduced (earlier the combinations went from…