• HMC-T2220B outdoor application

    Dear sirs,

    Our customer would like to use HMC-T2220B for outdoor applications. The environment conditions are: -15...+35 degrees (C), hummidity up to 90%.

    Operating temperature shown in DataSheet is: 0 to 35 °C. How does the customer can implement…

  • HMC-T2220B

  • Poll HMC-T2220B For "L" Status

    Desire to poll the HMC-T2220B for the "L" (loss of lock) status that is displayed on the LCD.  When I am commanding the synthesizer via Ethernet for frequency and/or amplitude the "L" sometimes is displayed.  I need to know when the…

  • RE: Questions for the battery (HMC-T2220、HMC-T2240 )

    HMC-T2220B (which is now obsolete) comes with a battery pack but the other signal generators HMC-T2220 and HMC-T2240 do not have battery. These two signal generators are also at end of life and ADI is not accepting any new orders for them. 

  • HMC-797-Die which Bias tee

    Hi, I'm using the HMC-797 die version. I implement the following scheme, for using this amplifier in the frequency range 500MHz-18GHz, but unfortunately it shows a very poor flatness and very low gain at high frequency. My doubt is on the bias tee I used…

  • HMC Phase Frequency Detectors: FAQ

    HMC Phase Frequency Detectors: FAQ

  • HMC Microwave Frequency Dividers: FAQ

    HMC Microwave Frequency Dividers: FAQ

  • FAQ: HMC Phase Frequency Detectors

    With Analog Devices’ acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation came several new Phase Frequency Detector products. These useful building blocks are implemented when designing phase locked loop synthesizers for microwave radios for point to point, military…