• what is the difference between HMC-579 and HMC-579SX


    what is the difference between HMC-579 and HMC-579SX?

  • Same s parameters for HMC 370 and HMC 369

    The s parameter files of HMC370 and HMC369 are same. Even though the file names are different the content is the same that of HMC369. Can you please upload the actual S parameters file of HMC370

  • RE: FAQ: Current Consumption of HMC-C584

    A: Allow for 10 mA on VSS and VDD.

  • HMC-ALH435-DIE 10 Ohms on Vgg1


    When I study HMC-ALH435-DIE datasheet, on the page 5 "Assembly Diagram'' shows a 10Ohms between Vgg power supply and IC Vgg1 pin.

    I have questions as below,

    1) Is the 10 Ohms resistor series in the path or shunt to the ground?

    2) Is there…

  • RE: HMC-ALH369 applied with photo diode

    I'm not familiar with this mode for operating an RF amplifier. I did some google searches which suggested that the 50 ohm input impedance of the RF amplifier is too low to act as a current to voltage converter (i.e. Vin(ac) = Iin(ac) * 50 ohms).  It…

  • hmc-980


    I would like to use the HMC-980 as an active bias controller for the HMC-1049. I see that there are generic circuits in the HMC-980 data sheet, but do you have a specific one for use with the HMC-1049? Also could you tell me if these two devices…

  • HMC-ALH364

    Do we have the on wafer measured S-parameter file for the HMC-ALH364?

    Thank you

  • hmc-alh476

    Hello. I'm a system designer

    When I use HMC-ALH476, It's supplied VDD(+4V), and VGG(-0.3V).

    It's supposed to hold same VGG as -0.3V, but when I measured VGG voltage, it was -0.48V...

    VGG voltage was dropped -0.3V to -0.48V by HMC-ALH476…

  • hmc-alh382

    Hello. I'm a system designer.

    I'd like to use HMC-ALH382, HMC-ALH476, HMC598, HMC442 for making RF system.

    Above chips need two voltage supplies, VDD and  VGG.

    When I read "MMIC AMPLIFIER BIASING PROCEDURE", VGG shoud be on befor VDD is on.…

  • HMC 408


    i am new to ADS.

    What is the procedure to simulate HMC 408 in ADS?