• hmc-alh382

    Hello. I'm a system designer.

    I'd like to use HMC-ALH382, HMC-ALH476, HMC598, HMC442 for making RF system.

    Above chips need two voltage supplies, VDD and  VGG.

    When I read "MMIC AMPLIFIER BIASING PROCEDURE", VGG shoud be on befor VDD is on.…

  • HMC 408


    i am new to ADS.

    What is the procedure to simulate HMC 408 in ADS?

  • HMC-SDD112

    How does the "HMC-SDD112" switch perform when +5 V is put on both the bias lines?

  • HMC 394LP4/394LP4E IC part in LTspice


    I am new to LTspice. I want to simulate my circuit with HMC 394LP4/394LP4E . I couldn't find .asc file of it. Could you please help me with it?

  • HMC-ALH244_OIP3

    We are reviewing the HMC-ALH244(LNA).

    But we can't find the OIP3 specification of part.

    Can you support that?




  • HMC-C030


    Could you please tell me what the modulation bandwidth (not tuning range) of the VCO is for the HMC-C30? Thanks.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC-VVD104

    Hi Analog,

    Just looking to see if there is s-parameter data available for the HMC-VVD-104 voltage variable attenuator? Preferably for different voltage settings.



  • HMC-SDD112


    I was wondering what the maximum power rating is for the HMC-SDD112 is?

    I can't seem to find it on the data sheet.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC-C015


    I would like to know if the HMC-C015 will work with an RF input level as low as -28dBm? The LO will be 13-14dBm.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC-T2220B