• RE: Need to cool for amplifier module package ?

    Both the HMC-C004 and the HMC-C016 need to be mounted to be cooled.  As stated in the outline drawing "Bottom to be held at 85 degrees C max.".

  • About HMC PLL+VCO with USB control board

    Dear Sir,

    Most of HMC EVB of PLL+VCO with USB control board whether is common for all HMC synthesizer EVB or uni for each ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • HMC7357 failing

    I have a design that uses the HMC 7357 with the HMC 980 to control the gate and drain voltage on the HMC 7357 and after a few hours to a few days of operation I am seeing the HMC7357 failing.  The HMC 7357 is operating at 7.7V and the RF drive is 0 dBm…

  • RE: Board level alternative to HMC-C019


         The HMC-C019 consists of 2 HMC547 die in series.   As long as you optimized the layout for isolation there is no reason a PCB version of the HMC-C019 should not work as well.

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  • RE: HMC-MDB277

    Hello Mark

    I really appreciate for your helpful reply.

    I could understand that HMC8118 and HMC7586 can be utilized to up-convert and down-convert the input data.

    But when I reviewed the datasheet of HMC-MDB277 again, it seems that HMC-MDB277 is preferred…

  • About FSK Modulation at HMC703-EVB

    The customer wants to know how to use HMC Eval Software.

    He is tring FSK modulation at HMC-EVB of HMC703LP4E.

    He wants to control FSK modulation by the external triger.


    F0 : 1.509375GHz (=24.15GHz/16)

    F1 : 1.50984375GHz (=24.1575GHz…

  • ERROR in ADIsimPLL flicker simulation for HMC parts

    There is a ERROR in the ADIsimPLL  for the HMC parts.

    The 1/f flicker specification for AD parts is made at 10 kHz offset normalized to 1 GHz.

    The HMC parts are specified at 1 Hz offset at a normalized frequency of 1Hz.

    Your simulator does not take…

  • HMC-493 and HMC-492 self oscillation


    I'm using the HMC-493 (divide by 4) and the HMC-492 (divide by 2) in an application such that they don't always have RF applied to their input.  I've just read the app note "Frequency Divider Operation and Compensation with no input signal…