• RE: HMC-C030

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  • HMC Phase Frequency Detectors: FAQ

    HMC Phase Frequency Detectors: FAQ

  • HMC Microwave Frequency Dividers: FAQ

    HMC Microwave Frequency Dividers: FAQ

  • FAQ: HMC Phase Frequency Detectors

    With Analog Devices’ acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation came several new Phase Frequency Detector products. These useful building blocks are implemented when designing phase locked loop synthesizers for microwave radios for point to point, military…

  • HMC-ABH241 : Die Related- Queries

    Find both Q&A below. 


    1. We only show decoupling for one side of the die. The top side in the view
    below has the same supply pads. Is decoupling only on one side required and can
    it be either side?
    Yes the supplies only on south or north side can…

  • HMC 907 Bias Tee


    I 'm trying in defining a suitable value for the inductor to be used with HMC 907 for having a flat response in the range 200MHz-18GHz. I try with a 10nH, but it is not the best choice for the current.

    Can you help me?

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  • 关于HMC产品丝印问题

    ADI收购HITTITE以后,HMC系列产品是否全改为数字打标,没再用过字母打标来表示LOT NO了?谢谢。

  • FAQ: HMC Microwave Frequency Dividers by Analog Devices

    Question: Why should I consider using an Analog Devices Microwave Frequency Divider?

    Answer: With the acquisition of Hittite Microwave Corporation, Analog Devices acquired one of the most comprehensive, microwave frequency divider product lines available…