• the HMC-T2220 control software for Linux system

    I'm using Hittite HMC-T2220 Signal Generator. I want to control the HMC-T2220 with linux system,but  there is a software for controlling HMC-T2220  with windows system. Is there any suitable control software for Linux system?

  • RE: Phase Detector for Ultrasonic Circuit - 30 kHz

    Your best bet would be to use a mixer. The HMC Phase Frequency Detectors were designed specifically for synthesizer applications. Please see the HMC Phase Frequency Detector FAQ.
    FAQ: HMC Phase Frequency Detectors

  • HMC-ALH444-SX and HMC-ALH444 difference

    Hello, dear all!

    please, could you clear a difference between HMC-ALH444-SX and HMC-ALH444


    There are no inform on the www.hittite.com.


  • RE: HMC-SDD112



    Our analysis on the HMC-SDD112 concluded that the typical P1dB is +24dBm.

    Former Hittite acquired the HMC-SDD112 along with the Velocium product line.

    Unfortunately, we have minimal info on the large signal/power handling performances of the…

  • HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E

    We are prototyping a low noise amplifier based on the combination of an
    HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E.  We are using the HMC981LP3E to set the gate voltage
    to control the drain current, using component values suggested on P18 of the
    HMC981LP3e data sheet…

  • HMC-SDD112 and HMC-SDD112-SX


    I don't understand very well the difference between HMC-SDD112 and HMC-SDD112-SX modules.

    Is it about packaging?

    Thank you

    Sandra Gomez

  • RE: HMC981 driving HMC573

    For reference, these are the connections being made to the HMC981:

    • Vdd to 5.5 V
    • Gnd to Gnd
    • Vdig to 3.5 V
    • Vdrain to HMC 573 Vdd
    • Vgate to GMC 573 Vgg
    • Gnd to HMC573 Gnd

    I am currently driving the RF in with a 5 GHz signal.

    HMC 981 Vdrain (connected with…

  • Eval board for HMC-SDD112

    Is there an evaluation board available for HMC-SDD112 SPDT switch? Is HMC-SDD112-SX the eval board?

  • RE: HMC-SDD112 Performance


    The HMC-SDD112 is a part acquired from another company.  The only test data provided was the scalar s-parameters. We have not performed any large signal test (P1dB and  IP3) on this die part.

    Based on the device size, expected P1dB and expected maximum…

  • RE: HMC659 biasing sequence

    Hi Kagan,

    Thanks for your answer.
    Is the inquired biasing sequence applicable to all non-self-biased HMC amplifiers that have Vgg1 and Vgg2? Or is it applicable to specific non-self-biased HMC amplifiers? I would like to known it for supporting other…