• RE: Phase Detector for Ultrasonic Circuit - 30 kHz

    Your best bet would be to use a mixer. The HMC Phase Frequency Detectors were designed specifically for synthesizer applications. Please see the HMC Phase Frequency Detector FAQ.
    FAQ: HMC Phase Frequency Detectors

  • HMC-ALH444-SX and HMC-ALH444 difference

    Hello, dear all!

    please, could you clear a difference between HMC-ALH444-SX and HMC-ALH444


    There are no inform on the www.hittite.com.


  • RE: HMC-SDD112



    Our analysis on the HMC-SDD112 concluded that the typical P1dB is +24dBm.

    Former Hittite acquired the HMC-SDD112 along with the Velocium product line.

    Unfortunately, we have minimal info on the large signal/power handling performances of the…

  • HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E

    We are prototyping a low noise amplifier based on the combination of an
    HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E.  We are using the HMC981LP3E to set the gate voltage
    to control the drain current, using component values suggested on P18 of the
    HMC981LP3e data sheet…

  • HMC-SDD112 and HMC-SDD112-SX


    I don't understand very well the difference between HMC-SDD112 and HMC-SDD112-SX modules.

    Is it about packaging?

    Thank you

    Sandra Gomez

  • Eval board for HMC-SDD112

    Is there an evaluation board available for HMC-SDD112 SPDT switch? Is HMC-SDD112-SX the eval board?

  • HMC-980 and AN-1363 again

    Hi Folks!

    I've found similar questions asked but it's still not clear to me and my colleagues so here we go.

    Could you please clarify the difference in purpose of the VNEG and VGATE feedback resistors as it is described in AN-1363?

    I guess VNEG…

  • RE: HMC981 driving HMC573

    For reference, these are the connections being made to the HMC981:

    • Vdd to 5.5 V
    • Gnd to Gnd
    • Vdig to 3.5 V
    • Vdrain to HMC 573 Vdd
    • Vgate to GMC 573 Vgg
    • Gnd to HMC573 Gnd

    I am currently driving the RF in with a 5 GHz signal.

    HMC 981 Vdrain (connected with…

  • RE: HMC659 biasing sequence

    Hi Kagan,

    Thanks for your answer.
    Is the inquired biasing sequence applicable to all non-self-biased HMC amplifiers that have Vgg1 and Vgg2? Or is it applicable to specific non-self-biased HMC amplifiers? I would like to known it for supporting other…

  • hmc-980


    I would like to use the HMC-980 as an active bias controller for the HMC-1049. I see that there are generic circuits in the HMC-980 data sheet, but do you have a specific one for use with the HMC-1049? Also could you tell me if these two devices…