• HMC-C032  HMC-C056 HMC-C058


    Do you offer or plan to offer 3D step models for the following Hittite products: the HMC-C032, HMC-C056, and the HMC-C058? Thanks.

    Best Regards.

  • HMC-abh209 / HMC-alh382 / HMC-sdd112


    I will use HMC-abh209 / HMC-alh382 / HMC-sdd112 in my design,

    Would you please help to provide as below?

    1. S parameter

    2. Input R + jX

    3. Output R + jX

    4. Gerber file



  • RE: HMC-ALH364 and HMC-ALH476

    Hello, Could you please provide me the HMC-ALH364_probe_dB.s2p, please?

  • HMC-463 and HMC-ALH244

    I’m working on a design which
    contains several Hittite HMC-463 and HMC-ALH244 amplifiers (unpackaged
    die).  Neither of these parts show a specification for second order
    intermodulation in the data sheet.  Can Hittite provide this information?
    Also, the HMC…

  • HMC-SDD112 and HMC-SDD112-SX


    I don't understand very well the difference between HMC-SDD112 and HMC-SDD112-SX modules.

    Is it about packaging?

    Thank you

    Sandra Gomez

  • HMC-ALH444-SX and HMC-ALH444 difference

    Hello, dear all!

    please, could you clear a difference between HMC-ALH444-SX and HMC-ALH444


    There are no inform on the www.hittite.com.


  • Questions for the battery (HMC-T2220、HMC-T2240 )

    We would like to export the Signal genetor of HMC-T2220HMC-T2240.

    If these SG have a battery (Lithium Ion Battery: re-chargeable) or Lithium battery (Coin battery) , they might be prohibited to export.

    Then could you tell us the HMC-T2220HMC-T2240 has…

  • HMC-493 and HMC-492 self oscillation


    I'm using the HMC-493 (divide by 4) and the HMC-492 (divide by 2) in an application such that they don't always have RF applied to their input.  I've just read the app note "Frequency Divider Operation and Compensation with no input signal…

  • HMC-AUH312: power up biasing sequence

    Dear EZ team

    Please help with the below query regarding HMC-AUH312:

    For VDD=6V, VG2=1.8V and VG1= VG1i (adjusted to achieve 60mA drain voltage)


    Can I use the following power up biasing sequence:

    1. Apply preset negative voltage VG1=VG1i
    2. Bias VG2 and VDD…