• what is the difference between HMC-579 and HMC-579SX


    what is the difference between HMC-579 and HMC-579SX?

  • RE: HMC 7044 Fanout mode


    You are correct, you need to set Reg0x03[4:3]=00, Reg0x05[5]=1 to make HMC7044 to work in fanout mode. Reg0x064 should be set according to the input frequency. 

    You can disable PLL1 and PLL2 in fanout mode. 


  • RE: HMC-AUH312 S-Parameter

    Unfortuntately, de-embedding to the launch is currently the best we can do. The launch is a small pad that we touch down on to using our probes. the pad on the launch is more rugged than the device pad and allows us to to multiple touch-downs (e.g. 50…

  • Same s parameters for HMC 370 and HMC 369

    The s parameter files of HMC370 and HMC369 are same. Even though the file names are different the content is the same that of HMC369. Can you please upload the actual S parameters file of HMC370

  • RE: HMC-AUH312 tolerance and stickiness


    Thank you for your reply.  I could understand the chip size tolerance.

    By the way, Could you recommend how to pick up the chip from the tray?

    Best regards


  • RE: HMC-AUH312 pad potentials on both sides of RFin pad

    They don't really have any practical purpose for the end user. We sometimes touch probes down on them when we are characterizing the device.

  • RE: ADF41513 (PLL) + HMC8364 HMC

    Hi Nikolaos,

    Some frequency drift can be normal dependent on the measurement setup. To try to completely eliminate any drift and get a sub-Hertz accurate measurement you would need to setup the ADF41513 eval board to accept an external REFIN (please see…

  • RE: Gain & peak improvement for HMC-ALH369

    You appear to have left some ground pads open. There are two ground pads between VDD and RFOUT that look un-connected. In the assembly diagram in the datasheet none of these pads show as connected because they normally via down through the chip to the…

  • hmc-980


    I would like to use the HMC-980 as an active bias controller for the HMC-1049. I see that there are generic circuits in the HMC-980 data sheet, but do you have a specific one for use with the HMC-1049? Also could you tell me if these two devices…

  • HMC-ALH364

    Do we have the on wafer measured S-parameter file for the HMC-ALH364?

    Thank you