• RE: HMC-abh209 / HMC-alh382 / HMC-sdd112


    How about HMC-abh209 and HMC-alh382?


  • hmc-alh382

    Hello. I'm a system designer.

    I'd like to use HMC-ALH382, HMC-ALH476, HMC598, HMC442 for making RF system.

    Above chips need two voltage supplies, VDD and  VGG.

    When I read "MMIC AMPLIFIER BIASING PROCEDURE", VGG shoud be on befor VDD is on.…

  • HMC-ALH382 RF Pad Dimensions


    I see in the datasheet for the HMC-ALH382 LNA that the bond pad width and gap are both 100 um (page 4), giving an effective pitch of 200 um. Would I be able to measure this device using 150 um GSG probes?



  • RE: HMC-ALH382 molding

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • HMC-ALH382 application query

    • We are using 5mil thick RO3003 as a substrate to implement the transceiver board.
    • As shown in the datasheet the RF connection is a ribbon bond. Owing to assembly problems we are trying to replace the ribbon bond with two wire bonds as done in the…
  • [Urgent] Channel Temperature of HMC-APH403-DIE


    Our customer requests the channel temperature data of HMC-APH403-DIE. Could you please let me know ?

    He compares HMC-APH403-DIE with a competitor. If he takes the data quickly, there is some chance of beating.



  • RE: Board level alternative to HMC-C019


         The HMC-C019 consists of 2 HMC547 die in series.   As long as you optimized the layout for isolation there is no reason a PCB version of the HMC-C019 should not work as well.

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  • RE: I am building Footprints for our Library and am looking for DXF files.

    Please create separate posts requesting die dimensions for the following products:




    BTW, each datasheet has figures with die dimensions and bond pad locations.

  • HMC-ABH241 : Die Related- Queries

    Find both Q&A below. 


    1. We only show decoupling for one side of the die. The top side in the view
    below has the same supply pads. Is decoupling only on one side required and can
    it be either side?
    Yes the supplies only on south or north…

  • RE: HMC-C009 Design issue

    The HMC-C009 uses the HMC525 die.  Best advice is to ensure the Phase length  of IF! and IF2 are matched.

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