• HMC-SDD112 Mounting & Bonding Techniques


    The Mounting & Bonding section of HMC-SDD112 datasheet recommends to use 5mil or 10mil thick "Alumina Substrate Thin Film" to bring the RF to and from the chip. For my specific application, I want to use a 4mil thick substrtae from Rogers Corporation…

  • RE: HMC-ALH509- Vacuum and Plasma?


    The HMC-ALH509 can be plasma cleaned.  The air bridges are part of the GaAs HEMT fabrication process.  When you ask about vacuum, are you referring to picking the die with a vacuum tip?  The air-bridges are fairly robust but can be damaged if not…

  • RE: The hopping time of HMC704

    Program Reg0Ah = 1800h.  If it is left at its default value (2005h), the VCO Auto-calibration feature is enabled and will be triggered every time a frequency is programmed.  This feature is only used on HMC PLLVCO products that use the same PLL die as the…

  • HMC-ALH444


    Do you have any performance data or plots vs. temeperature for the HMC-ALH444 Die? I need to operate over an ambient temperature range from -20 to +70 and would like to know how the device will perform. Thanks.

    Best Regards.

  • RE: LOW drain current (AUH320, ALH509, HMC1144)

    Hi Jaber,

    I support the HMC1144 and can answer regarding that product, though I support neither the HMC-ALH509 nor the HMC-AUH320 and thus cannot answer for either of those products. The applications engineer(s) who support those products should soon…

  • RE: HMC-SDD112 Performance


    The HMC-SDD112 is a part acquired from another company.  The only test data provided was the scalar s-parameters. We have not performed any large signal test (P1dB and  IP3) on this die part.

    Based on the device size, expected P1dB and expected maximum…

  • RE: HMC-ALH476 and HMC981LP3E


    Yes you can use HMC981LP3E to bias HMC-ALH476. In order to change the default Vgate and Vneg threshold values you need to use external resistors. R4 and R6 resistors, at the attached circuit, change the -2.5V value to -1V for this application. Circuit…

  • HMC-ALH382 RF Pad Dimensions


    I see in the datasheet for the HMC-ALH382 LNA that the bond pad width and gap are both 100 um (page 4), giving an effective pitch of 200 um. Would I be able to measure this device using 150 um GSG probes?



  • RE: LT3080 Exposed Pad Is Soldered to Ground by Mistake

    The bottom of the LT3080 die is supposed to be a resistive version of the OUT pin.  I say “supposed to be” because in reality there is a thin layer of unavoidable but inadvertent oxide between the die silicon and the exposed pad metal.  That…

  • RE: HMC-C032  HMC-C056 HMC-C058

    Hi Bill,

    currently we DO NOT offer the 3D models for these products.

    the detailed package drawings and dimensions are included in the datasheet along with the S-parameter plots.