• Eval board schematics for EtherCAT FIDO5200


     We are planning to use the FIDO5200 for 100 Mbps EtherCAT interface.

     Could you please provide the Evaluation Schematic along with PHY.

     Also please suggest the Recommended PHY device for this device.


    Thanks and Regards,


  • FIDO5200 drivers


    Could someone help me with drivers for FIDO5200 switch.

    In app note AN-1554 drivers are mentioned, and should be available as a source code.


    Unfortunately I can't…

  • RE: fido5200 typical application circuit


    A sample schematic/BOM for using the fido5200 can be found in the ADI Chronous Developer Portal.

    Click on "Register Now" at the bottom of the following page.

    Industrial Ethernet | Analog Devices

    Developer Portal Support will then be…

  • FIDO5200 Slave Stack Code

    Dear All:

    FIDO5200 ADI have salve stack code or template document can provide to me refer??



  • fido5200 EtherCAT Master or Slave?


    Does fido5200 support EtherCAT Master? Or it only support EtherCAT Slave?

    Thank you.

  • Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

    Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

  • FIDO5200 TSN Evaluation Kit Enquiries


    We have done some preliminary evaluation on the eval kit.
    Some of the findings:

    • It seems that only IEEE 802.1AS time synchronization and 802.1Qbv scheduled traffic standards are made available in the TSN webserver gateway configuration.

    How about…

  • CIP Sync support at FIDO5100 or FIDO5200


    are you supporting  CIP Sync at FW/SW of FIDO5100 or FIDO5200?

  • Can FIDO5200 be used as a EtherCAT master embedded design?


    I am new to EhterCAT and recently I am going to design a EtherCAT master interface to read a sensor with EtherCAT interface.

    My original System is based on FPGA, and i am interested on use the FIDO5200 as the  interface between EtherCAT network and…

  • RE: Thermal Resistance junction to ambient temperature (ja)

    Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for the answer.

    Pls help with FIDO5200 also.