• Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

    Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

  • RE: Fido5x00 series Ethernet speed

    Hi ADIexpert

    Also, May I know if Fido5200 supports hardware Network  address transfer (NAT) function?

  • FIDO5000 BACnet IP

    The TSN evaluation kit as described in AN-1482 claims to support BACnet IP, yet the FIDO5100/FIDO5200 datasheet doesn't list this in the supported protocols. Can anyone comment on FIDO5000 support of BACnet IP?

  • Explanation on FIDO5X00 Host Interface


    in wich document is explained the software (api) interface between fido5100/fido5200 and an application processor. In the chip datahseet at page 13 (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/fido5100-5200.pdf ) should I…

  • RE: 安利一颗可支持多种以太网协议的芯片——ADI fido5000


  • TSN OPC UA in FIDO5x00

    Good day!

    I'm interesting when stack TSN OPC UA will be supported by FIDO5x00. In one presentation which was introduced in 2017 I saw what TSN OPC UA will be present in FIDO5x00 in the future. When the future will come?

  • How much time & cost to add Ethernet/IP with FIDO5xxx?

    I have a design for a controller for a simple industrial device that is either ON/OFF via an I/O pin or proportional control via RS-485, generally connected to the customer's PLC. The device is currently controlled by an ARM Cortex M4F. My boss has asked…

  • 伺服电机控制解决方案

    针对电机控制解决方案,ADI公司提供了门类齐全的产品组 合,其中包括了模数/数模转换器、放大器、嵌入式处理器、 iCoupler®数字隔离器、电源管理器件和实时以太网解决方案; 这些高性能的器件和增加系统集成度有助于实现更新型的拓扑 结构设计,为客户实现系统的差异化设计带来价值,比如,更 快主频的处理器可以运行更加复杂的算法,高性能的ADC可以 支持更高性能的电流环控制等等。伺服驱动系统的性能同用户 最终所构建的运动控制系统的性能和所能提供的精度密切相 关,多数情况下,最终的用途可以是一个高精度数控机床系…