• FIDO5200 drivers


    Could someone help me with drivers for FIDO5200 switch.

    In app note AN-1554 drivers are mentioned, and should be available as a source code.


    Unfortunately I can't…

  • FIDO5200 Slave Stack Code

    Dear All:

    FIDO5200 ADI have salve stack code or template document can provide to me refer??



  • fido5200 EtherCAT Master or Slave?


    Does fido5200 support EtherCAT Master? Or it only support EtherCAT Slave?

    Thank you.

  • Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

    Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

  • FIDO5200 TSN Evaluation Kit Enquiries


    We have done some preliminary evaluation on the eval kit.
    Some of the findings:

    • It seems that only IEEE 802.1AS time synchronization and 802.1Qbv scheduled traffic standards are made available in the TSN webserver gateway configuration.

    How about…

  • CIP Sync support at FIDO5100 or FIDO5200


    are you supporting  CIP Sync at FW/SW of FIDO5100 or FIDO5200?

  • Can FIDO5200 be used as a EtherCAT master embedded design?


    I am new to EhterCAT and recently I am going to design a EtherCAT master interface to read a sensor with EtherCAT interface.

    My original System is based on FPGA, and i am interested on use the FIDO5200 as the  interface between EtherCAT network and…

  • FIDO5000 BACnet IP

    The TSN evaluation kit as described in AN-1482 claims to support BACnet IP, yet the FIDO5100/FIDO5200 datasheet doesn't list this in the supported protocols. Can anyone comment on FIDO5000 support of BACnet IP?

  • RE: Fido5x00 series Ethernet speed

    Hi ADIexpert

    Also, May I know if Fido5200 supports hardware Network  address transfer (NAT) function?

  • RE: When will reference design you mentioned previously be available?

    We’re actively working on a reference design enabling our ADIN1200 and our FIDO5200 so we expect that to be on analog.com towards the end of the year.