• FIDO5200

    Can fido5200 be used as PROFINET master station?

  • FIDO5200 reference schematic

    Hello, where do i access to FIDO5200 reference design schematic?

  • Layout guidelines for FIDO5200


    I have used FIDO5200 and ADIN1200 to implement EtherCAT communication,

    I have proceeded for layout design for the part FIDO5200CBCZ and ADIN1200BCP32Z

    Could you please recommend layout guidelines for FIDO5200 BGA package since the datasheet points…

  • Eval board schematics for EtherCAT FIDO5200


     We are planning to use the FIDO5200 for 100 Mbps EtherCAT interface.

     Could you please provide the Evaluation Schematic along with PHY.

     Also please suggest the Recommended PHY device for this device.


    Thanks and Regards,


  • FIDO5200 EtherCAT driver porting for TI's Hercules RM48L952 MCU

    HI ADI,

    We are working on MCU RM48L952 Integrating with ADI REM Switch (FIDO5200) for EtherCAT using EMIF Parallel Interface. We got the REM Switch EtherCAT  general Driver and generated HALCoGen EMIF Driver for the MCU. But we are struggling with porting…

  • RE: fido5200 typical application circuit


    A sample schematic/BOM for using the fido5200 can be found in the ADI Chronous Developer Portal.

    Click on "Register Now" at the bottom of the following page.

    Industrial Ethernet | Analog Devices

    Developer Portal Support will then be…

  • FIDO5200 Slave Stack Code

    Dear All:

    FIDO5200 ADI have salve stack code or template document can provide to me refer??



  • RE: FIDO5200 drivers

    Hi, as Bill answered before:  send a request to Dawnelle.Shehan@analog.com 



  • fido5200 EtherCAT Master or Slave?


    Does fido5200 support EtherCAT Master? Or it only support EtherCAT Slave?

    Thank you.