• RE: Do fido5100 and fido5200 both support EtherCAT?

    The fido5100 supports the following protocols: PROFINET real time (RT) and isochronous real time (IRT), EtherNet/IP with and without device level ring (DLR), Modbus TCP, SERCOS III, and POWERLINK.

    The fido5200 supports the following protocols: EtherCAT…

  • Explanation on FIDO5X00 Host Interface


    in wich document is explained the software (api) interface between fido5100/fido5200 and an application processor. In the chip datahseet at page 13 (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/fido5100-5200.pdf ) should I…

  • CIP Sync support at FIDO5100 or FIDO5200


    are you supporting  CIP Sync at FW/SW of FIDO5100 or FIDO5200?

  • Can the REM switch use on Ethernet/IP DLR?

    Can the interface module with REM switch fido5100 be used on Ethernet/IP DLR application?

    Or is that only with fido2100 can do?

  • RE: MRPD with fido1100 and fido5100

    This question is roadmap related. I will contact the poster privately to resolve his issue.

  • FIDO5100 and PRP / HSR protocols

    Hello  all !

    In datasheet  there is a  frase about  supporting  PRP и HSR protocols. 

    Is there a detailed description of it for programmers?

  • FIDO5000 BACnet IP

    The TSN evaluation kit as described in AN-1482 claims to support BACnet IP, yet the FIDO5100/FIDO5200 datasheet doesn't list this in the supported protocols. Can anyone comment on FIDO5000 support of BACnet IP?

  • CrossCode for FIDO1100? What to use? Alternative to FIDO1100?


    What tool chain is required to program a FIDO1100 chip? I didn't see an option to choose fido1100 in CrossCode. Is there another environment to use for it?

    The goal is to control the FIDO5100 chip, and the examples show the FIDO1100 for this…

  • RE: 安利一颗可支持多种以太网协议的芯片——ADI fido5000



    本文旨在引导 ADI TSN 评估套件的用户完成配置和运行 TSN 网络所需的步骤。p.s.本文必须同《TSN 评估套件快速入门指南》和《fido5100/fido5200 实时以太网多协议(REM)交换机数据手册》 一起使用。