• RE: FIDO1100 & RapID Platform

    Interested to know the fido series roadmap. Any replacement recommended? 

  • CrossCode for FIDO1100? What to use? Alternative to FIDO1100?


    What tool chain is required to program a FIDO1100 chip? I didn't see an option to choose fido1100 in CrossCode. Is there another environment to use for it?

    The goal is to control the FIDO5100 chip, and the examples show the FIDO1100 for this…

  • BSDL and JTAG documentation for FIDO1100


    Where can I find the BSLD and JTAG implementation documentation for FIDO1100? I am mostly interested in programming a driver for flashing fido1100 through JTAG using another MCU, and not using the external Dongle. 

    Kind Regards

    Adrian Wechner

  • Fido1100: unable to find Profinet protocol stack into the Developer Portal

    Hi all,

    I'm not able to find the Profinet stack that I have to deploy to the Fido1100 to implement a Profinet solution. I've the same problem with the other fieldbus protocol stacks.

    Quoting the Developer Portal page, it is written that: "The…

  • Which USBWiggler JTAG could use for FIDO1100 ?

    Datasheet from Innovasic show that the I can use USBWiggler to connect Fido1100,but there are about eleven types of USBWiggler ,such as U2W-ARM,U2W-Xscale in macraigor but FIDO1100 is not listed in Macraigor.
    Could you tell me the exact part number U2W…

  • RE: MRPD with fido1100 and fido5100

    This question is roadmap related. I will contact the poster privately to resolve his issue.

  • ADIN2299 - About adsp cm409f equivalent solution

    Hello to everyone

    We want to create our ethernet solution to use in our R&D Product, by referring to the "Rapid Platform Generation 2(RPG2)" available in the ADI Chronous Developer Portal.
    Due to the global chip crisis, we are having…

  • Follow Up to Industrial Protocol: FIDO5x00 limitation to Ethernet/IP and Profinet


    First, thanks for the answer, this made many thing clearer. I have a few follow up questions:

    - by using method 1, you use the unified communication interface, while going with method 2, you use any of the protocol specific “drivers” you find on innivasics…

  • Can I use RapID-NI-V2x09 Model as a TSN switch?

    All the RapID-NI-V2xxx Series includes fido1100 and fido5x00? then those can be use as a TSN siwtch and providea Web UI?

  • Internet Protocol: Difference between FIDO2100 and FIDO5100


    Based on the naming, I had assumed that FIDO1100, FIDO2100, FIDO5100 and FIDO5200 are fundamentally the same. But I notices that the FIDO1100 in the datasheet is advertised as a "regular" MCU which can be C programmed over JTAG. While the other…