• RE: Is any example about USB in BF60x?

    Hi Andreas

    Can only use uc/OS III plus USB stack in ADSP-BF60x family processors? What is the difference between BF60x and BF526 in USB section? Can i transplant the code of USB that run well in BF526 into BF60x?



  • Which eMMC protocol and version does the BF60x?


        Which eMMC protocol and version does the BF60x? Can make bf60x support eMMC V4.41 and V4.5 support? I want to BF60x connect 8GB or above  the size eMMC device.  Thank you.

    Bill Xie

  • RE: how to map interrupts source to event vector talbe

    You cannot map any interrupts on the BF60x, the SEC controls them, they will always be connected to EVT11. More information on this new setup is located in the BF60x Hardware Reference Manual.

    If you want to change the priorities on the BF60x, you need…

  • RE: Building ldr-utils for Windows


    Yeah, it's a little confusing at the moment.

    We're currently transitioning to Buildroot for BF60x parts and so for that, use the 2012R1 release:

    u-boot: 2012R1-RC4-BF60X

    buildroot: 2012R1-RC6-BF60X

    toolchain: 2012R1-RC2

    There currently…

  • FAQ: How L2CTL in BF70x is different than BF60x ?

    The L2CTL module of the BF70x has the following differences as compared to BF60x:

    - The L2 SRAM size in BF70x is 1 Mega Bytes with eight banks of size 128 KB each. While in BF60x the L2 SRAM size is 256 KB with each bank of size 32 KB.

    - The L2 ROM…

  • RE: Does PPI of BF606 receive the video data that format is BT.1120 ?


    The EPPI of the BF60x series supports SMPTE274M and SMPTE296m and ITU-656. All supported modes are listed in the BF60x Hardware Reference Manual, in the Enhanced Parallel Peripheral Interface chapter.


  • RE: Regarding BF609 UDS

    Hi Mack,

    As your question relates to the BF60x, I have moved it from the Blackfin Processors Community to the BF60x sub-community. Let's continue the discussion here.




  • RE: ADV7611 output to BF609

    Hi Hazar,

    We can help with ADV7611, but if you have questions about the BF609 / ADV7842 example, you should ask them in the ADSP-BF60x forum here:



  • USB hardware difference between BF70x and BF60x


    Could you please clarify what are the differences of USB hardware between BF60x and BF70x, for the sake of considering USB firmware migration from BF60x to BF70x ?

    Best Regards,


  • BF60x compatible software modules


    I'm currently using the H264 encoder software module running on a BF561. I'm thinking of migrating to the BF60x series, but is it possible to use the existing available software modules for BF5xx on the BF60x ?