• RE: ADuM7701 powerup delay


    I am not sure if there is as the device may power up quickly. However, it is still recommended to provide appropriate VDD supply before applying MCLK to ensure proper operation. The the output will then be available with respect to MCLK. 


  • RE: About ADUM7701 MCLK


          There isn't a fixed requirement for tr / tf but there are some datasheet parameters that you must adhere to. There are specifications of most interest here are the T4 and T3 minimum timing specifications and also the CMOS logic thresholds VIH and…

  • ADuM7701 - Impedance Matching Resistors

    I'm communicating with the ADuM7701 from an FPGA that can source up to 3mA. Would adding a:

    • 10k resistor from MCLKIN to GND at the ADuM7701
    • 10k resistor from MDAT to GND at the FPGA

    improve signal integrity, or are there other factors to consider…

  • ADUM7701 UVLO?

    What happens to the secondary output when the primary power is turned off?

    Is there a low voltage protection function etc.

    I look forward to reply

  • ADuM7701 - Output Impedance of MDAT Pin

    We would like to know what the output impedance of the data output pin (MDAT) on the ADuM7701 is in order to properly spec out a series termination resistor at the driver output to match the characteristic impedance of a 50 Ohm transmission line. We assume…

  • About Figure 29 on the ADuM7701

    The RC filter constants in Figure 29 are recommended to be 10Ω and 220pF, but the cutoff frequency is calculated to be 72.3MHz.

    The cutoff frequency feels high because the ADuM7701 MCLK can be read as 5-21 MHz from the data sheet.


    Why is the cutoff…

  • ADuM5028 Output Capacitance

    Hi there,

    I'm working on an inverter design that measures phase currents using ADuM7701 ADCs, which require floating power supplies. To keep things simple, I'm considering exclusively using a DC/DC such as the ADuM5028 instead combining a DC/DC…

  • RE: ADUM7703 SINC Filter Code


    Apologies but looks like we currently don't have any available code for this.But you may find this useful/




  • Beat frequency when using multiple ADuM5020/5028?


    I am designing a multi-phase inverter (e.g., 12 phases) and thinking of using multiple ADuM5020/5028 to individually power multiple ADuM7701 for in-line phase current measurements. 

    I wonder if using multiple of the ADuM5020/5028 would cause a…

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