• ADUM7223


    I would like to use the ADUM7223 in my negative buck converter.

    Is it possible to connecte the Gnd of the ADUM7223 to -100V?

    what is the best configuration for this driver in this case.

    Thank you

  • Quiescent current of ADuM7223


    I developed a buck converter board driven by a ADuM7223. The high side power rail (VDDA) is charged by a charge pump from a 10V DC source which is also fed the VDDB (shown below, the VOA drives QA_H, VOB drives QA_L and GNDA is connected to the common…

  • Different of ADUM7223

    Are the IC ADUM7223ACCZ, ADUM7223BCCZ, ADUM7223CCCZ the same?or what's different ??

  • Pulse Width Distortion of ADuM7223


    there is a parameter ---- Pulse Width Distortion (PWD) which is listed in the specification tables of ADuM3210. I think this parameter is to claim the pulse width difference before and after the isolator. However, I cannot find this parameter in…

  • Commun mode of the ADUM7223


    1) Actually I design a buck converter and I drive my NMOS by the ADUM7223. I would like to switch 100V in 1ns (100KV/µS) but in the datasheet of the ADUM7223 the common mode transient static is 50KV/µS but this value it specified at 700V. what…

  • RE: Application problem with ADUM7223 in an IGBT pilot circuit

    OK, so the ADuM7223 should only see 15 V, but when the bus voltage was above 20 V you started seeing erratic behavior?

    The ADuM7223 should operate the same regardless of the bus voltage, so there are a few possibilities in mind:

    1) If this is a CMTI…

  • [ADuM7223]How to design High-Side voltage when MOSFET gated 200V?


    I would like to know about H-Bridge driver circuit with using ADuM7223.

    According to


    I understood VDDA and VDDB should be separate supply, but I cannot find any reference circuit.

    I also refer to…

  • 请问能不能用ADuM3224代替ADuM7223?这两个有什么不同的地方?影响很大吗?



  • RE: the selection for an isolated gate driver

    Hello Tarzan,

    You hit the nail on the head. The ADuM3223/4223 have practically the same performance, with the major difference being the package used. One important metric for certification for high voltage systems is creepage distance between isolation…

  • RE: Isolate GND1 and GNDB in ADuM3223 ?

    Thanks for the waveforms.

    I accidentally said ADum7223 when I should have said ADuM3223. You are correct that they are basically the same part, and in my head, the ADuM3223, ADuM4223, and ADuM7223 are interchangeable except for package size and isolation…