• RE: Using multiple ADuM6028-5BRIZ devices

    Hi tbob, 

    The EVAL-2LCANRS485EBZ may be a helpful example. Its a two port (CAN & RS485) board that demonstrates layout techniques with the ADM3053 and ADM2582E. This board meets Class A. Emissions scans are available in UG-1561.

    The ADM3055E and A…

  • RE: ADuM6028 Certificate question


    the complete list of recent certifications for our iCoupler products can be found here:

    IEC60601 is listed there, UL as well,

    Scroll down to…

  • ADUM6028-5BRIZ no output voltage


    I am currently using the ADuM6028-5BRIZ and there seems to be an issue with the output voltage.
    I tested several of my prototype PCBs, but it just doesn't work.

    I connected the chip just like the datasheet says:
    Pin PDIS connected to GND.

  • RE: will be ADuM6028 acquired Certificate of "IEC61010 3rd ed"?


    We submitted the ADuM6020/6026 for certification of IEC61010 3rd ed and it should happen in about 4 months.

    Regards, Brian

  • RE: ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 for RS-485 Circuit

    Hi Hakan,

    I’ve added some details below on how to use the ADM2795E with the ADuM6028 DC-DC converter.

    The small size of the ADuM6028 makes this attractive in the space constrained applications. The ADuM6028 is suitable for 3.3V transceiver supply…

  • ADuM6028_PDIS

    I have a question about ADuM6028 PDIS.

    Please tell me the HIGH/Low threshold of this PDIS pin.

    I have no mention in the data sheet.

  • RE: Overshoot at rising edge of ADUM 6028

    Naohisa-san: I asked the designer and here is his response:

    The overshoot in adum6028 is caused due to the duty cycle mismatch between soft-start mode and loop control mode.

    This overshoot will be larger when loading is very light, but I am a little surprised…

  • RE: ADE9153A_ADUM6000

    Hi belhaj,

    The ADuM4152 has Typical Performance Curves for help determining your power needs. It will be dependent on data rate and loading on the SPI bus lines.

    If 40mA works out to be the required budget, the ADuM6000 will provide that. There is also…

  • RE: adum4151 - ade9000

    You can email me the schematics direct. If you have FAE support from Analog, please copy them also.

    The ADuM4151 does not have an integrated isolated dc/dc converter. There must be independent supplies available on the primary and secondary sides. 


  • RE: ade9153a

    Hi Belaj, 

    The quick answer is yes. The ADuM5000 can provide 60mA @ 3.3V isolated power. There are some other part and package options available depending on your application needs. So to say it with package and HV rating options, the ADuM5000/ADuM6000 can…