• ADuM6020 and ADuM4152 layout guidlines


    I'm using ADuM4152 and ADuM6020 to design a isolation barrier. What are the documents that specifies the layout considerations for these two isolators. The isoPower and isoCoupler layout consideration documents(AN-0971, AN-1109) doesn't contain…

  • Using ADuM6020 as a replacement for ADuM6000


    I'm using the reference design of the evaluation board EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ for a design of a power measuring application. As ADuM6000 stocks are low I'm thinking of using a ADuM6020 power isolater to supply a 3.3v isolated supply from a…

  • ADUM6020 Output Supply Current


    I am planning to use ADUM6020-5BRIZ for Isolated CAN interface implementation. I am confused about the Output Supply Current of the  ADUM6020-5BRIZ. 

    In the datasheet it is stated as given below. 

    Parameter Symbol Min Test Conditions/Comments
  • ADuM6020: series connection

    Is it possible to connect the outputs of two ADuM6020-5BRIZ converters in series to achieve 5V, GND and -5V?

  • 关于PCB铺铜对ADuM6020正常工作的影响


  • ADuM6020 ESD ratings


    I am planning to use ADuM6020-5EBRIZ-RL in one of my isolated low power designs.

    However the ESD ratings of the device are not mentioned in the datasheet.

    I would like to know the device`s HBM as per ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JIS-001, CDM as per JEDEC JESD22…

  • (ADuM6020/28) What is different between -3 and -5?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM5020/28.

    Does "-3" means output is 3.3V_typ?

    And does "-5" means output is 5V_typ?

    And is this typo?

    Best regards


  • RE: ADuM6020/6028 UL&VDE Pending?


    I asked the engineer in charge of certifications, and he said there was a delay:

    UL should be soon. It took longer to get VDE started, so it should be in March.

    Regards, Brian

  • Why is the dielectric strength of ADuM5020 / 8 and ADuM6x2x different?


    What is different between the 5 series and the 6 series?

    Although the dielectric strength seems to be different, the thickness of the insulating film and the length of the creepage seem to be almost same, so I think that both have a withstand voltage…

  • RE: Replacement ADUM6421

    Hi Cedric, 

    There is not another device pin-compatible with the ADUM6421ABRNZ5. Some layout changes would be needed. 

    The most similar functionality for the isolated dc/dc converter would be the ADuM5020/ADuM5028/ADuM6020/ADuM6028.

    The digital isolation…