• ADE9153A_ADUM6000


    Can I use ADUM6000 to power ADE9153A and ADUM4152?
    The input of ADUM6000 is 3.3V and the Output is 3.3V isolated.
    In this case the output current of ADUM6000 is 40mA.
    Is 40mA used to power ADE9153A and ADUM4152?

  • RE: ADuM6400输出电源正常,但信号没有输出

    两点建议:1. 检查输入电平是否符合ADuM6000的输入要求

                      2. 断开后面的负载,也就是AD5443,再用示波器看ADuM6000的输出。

  • ADE9153A_ADUM6000

    Hi aherdia , 

    1/ the output current of ADUM6000 (for 3.3V to 3.3v isolated) is 40mA 

    2/ The consuption of ADE9153A is 12mA 

    3/ the consuption of ADUM4152 is 22.5mA 

    => the total consuption is 34.5mA

    Is correct to use ADUM6000? or choose an other component…

  • RE: 2KV High-side, low-current measurement

    Maximum working voltage for ADuM6000 is 600V DC [Analog Devices, ADuM6000 Datasheet Rev. D, Table 11, pg. 8, http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADuM6000.PDF, accessed 14 August 2015].

    Is there a way to derate the 50 year…

  • RE: ADuM5401 layout question

    Kevin: Unfortunately, the ADuM640x does not act as a slave or master device to parallel the outputs together to get more output power. The ADuM540x does have the capability to act as a slave or master device to parallel the outputs together to get more…

  • RE: Power isolation for medical device

    ADuM6000 has high EMI at 180MHz, which is the region why I want to avoid using it.

  • RE: ade9153a_eval board

    I need the layout of eval board specially of ADUM6000 And ADUM4152 to know how the layout of isolater  

  • RE: ADUM4160 Configuration

    Hi Roedman13,

    Just to be clear, the 3.3V power available at Vdd2 comes from the Vbus2 pin.  The USB part does not transfer power across the barrier.  The Internal LDO will be active when 5V is applied to Vbus2 and there is about 10mA that can be scavenged…

  • ADE9153A_Eval Board

    In my PCB i use ADE9153A with ADUM6000 and ADUM4152 , so i need the pcb of the eval board of ade9153a to get an idea about the about the design !

    so i you can send the pcb of eval board


  • RE: I normally use ADM2582/7. What are the differences with the ADM2795?

    On behalf of Richard Anslow:

    The ADM2795E integrates an RS-485 transceiver, robust IEC 61000 EMC circuit, and digital isolation.

    The ADM2582E/ADM2587E integrate an RS-485 transceiver, digital isolation, and isolated power.

    When using the ADM2795E you…