• ADuM6000 MTBF

    Anyone knows where I can find the MTBF of the ADuM6000? The datasheet only specifies de service life 

  • ADuM6000 EMI @ 180 MHz

    My client is currently using the ADuM6000. Apparently after conducting RF Emission testing @ 360MHz their end product is not passing and they believe they have "pinpointed" the emissions coming from the ADuM6000. They also ordered the ADuM6000 eval board…

  • ADUM6000 output voltage tolerance

    Most DC:DC converters will tolerate a slightly higher voltage being applied to the output.  I have inherited a design using several ADUM6000 parts providing 5V power to isolated circuitry that really needs at least 6V.  It would be easy to wire in a 6V…

  • ADum6000 and ADuM4224 Certificates

    Can you provide the certificates for the Safety and regulatory approvals for
    ADuM6000ARWZ and ADUM4224WCRWZ?

  • ADuM6000 and RCin/RCsel High Level thresholds

    Logic levels on pins RCin / RCsel of ADuM6000 are not described
    in the datasheet.

    What is the minimum High voltage Threshold for these logic pins?


    The RCin/RCsel input is a standard digital input and has the same threshold
  • Comparable device to ADUM6000 but with higher efficiency

    Is there a comparable device to the ADUM6000, but with higher efficiency? The ADUM6000 has up to 31% efficiency.

  • Expected voltage tolerance on the output of ADuM6000

    I have an application that is using the output (Viso) of the ADuM6000 as a reference voltage for a comparator. If Vdd1 is +5.0V and Viso=Vsel, what is the expected range of output voltages? Basically, how do I stack up all of the errors listed in Table…

  • ADuM6000: VDD1 3.3V VISO 3.3V: Output Load 5V Boost Converter

    Hi AD,

    We are using a single ADuM6000 to provide an isolated (VISO) supply of 3.3V from an input voltage source (VDD1) of 3.3V, with the ADuM6000 setup in Master Mode (self regulating, no slave) - the input 3.3V Power Supply has a slew rate of 1.7V/ms…

  • Is ADuM6000 (or ADuM5000) compliant with the USB low power suspend mode current limits?

    Is ADuM6000 (or ADuM5000)compliant with the low power “suspend mode” as defined
    for USB 2.0/3.0 (2.5mA limit in low power suspend mode).


    There is no support for USB suspend mode in the ADuM6000.  The ADuM5000 and
    ADuM6000 can be suspended…
  • ADE9153A_ADUM6000


    Can I use ADUM6000 to power ADE9153A and ADUM4152?
    The input of ADUM6000 is 3.3V and the Output is 3.3V isolated.
    In this case the output current of ADUM6000 is 40mA.
    Is 40mA used to power ADE9153A and ADUM4152?