• Adum5411 power supply

    In the input, just has 3.3V power supply for VDDP, VDD1 can connect to VDDP or not?

    From the datasheet of Adum5411,  said theVDD1 can connect to VDDP.

  • ADuM5411 Output timing from VDDP input to Viso output


    I have a question about ADuM5411 DC/DC converter.

    Our customer ask us the timing(delay) about VDDP input to Viso output.

    Could you please offer me the waveform of VDDP and Viso ?

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  • ADUM6411 and ADUM5411 page 7 Table 13 "Change vs. Temperature"

    I am comparing the ADUM6411 data sheet to the ADUM5411 and the only thing I see is that that on page 7 of the ADUM6411 data sheet Table 13 near the bottom it is re-organized from the ADUM5411 Table 13 and the "Change vs. Temperature" specification is…

  • ADUM5411 I/O Voltage on EVAL-AD4114 is not at V(DD1)

    Hello, I have an EVAL-AD4114 I'm evaluating. It has an ADUM5411 incorporated into the board. I am not using an SDB, I'm interfacing via the arduino headers though I am not using an arduino. The board is being powered from a bench supply via J4 with 5V…

  • RE: ADuM5401 and Tri-State Input

    nirb81: What you suggested looks like it would work.  Instead of the ADuM5401, If you use the ADuM5411, which has the same function as the ADuM5401, but with only 30mA output (not 100mA output of the ADuM5401),  the ADuM5411 has a pin called VE1 which will…

  • RE: 【重点推荐】通道间隔离型模拟输入解决方案


    ADuM5411是一款集成isoPowerRegistered隔离式DC/DC转换器的四通道数字隔离器,采用ADI的iCouplerRegistered技术,能够提供可在3.15 V和5.25 V之间调节的稳压隔离电源。



    • RE: Isolated interface chip with power supply

      Hi lijie,

      The ADM3055E and ADM3057E are isolated signal and power CAN FD transceivers. They are in SOIC packages.

      SPI signal and power isolation could be the ADuM5411 in SSOP, ADuM5401 or ADuM6421A in SOIC, if BGA solutions are not possible for this application…

    • RE: 完整方案分享——如何利用精密ADC AD7124-8进行热电偶采集




      通过AD7124+ADuM5411/5401(持续耐压VIORM = 565 V峰值…

    • RE: About ADUM140E0BRZ layout suggestion

      The following article shows the stack-up used for a six-layer board with multiple ADuM5411 devices, and may be a useful reference.


      I'd also…