• ADUM5211 ESD immunity

    What is the ESD immunity for the ADUM5211?

    We plan to test ± 8 kV contact discharge, ± 15 kV air discharge (network 150 pF/330 ohm)



  • ADuM5211 and ADuM6211

    Just need a quick answer::. Is the ADuM6211 a drop-in replacement for an designed-for-ADuM5211 PCB? I am not asking the other way round as I know the 6211 device supports  higher isolation voltage than the 5211 device..



  • ADum5211 Isolator Input Current Question

    I am trying to determine much current the ADuM5211 will draw if it is operating at 1Mbps and also powering an isolated LED at 12mA.  Therefore, the isolator power section is supplying about 18mA of isolated current (Idd1=2.7mA and Idd2=2.9mA max at 1Mbps…

  • Input / Output Voltages ADUM5211 (or 6211)

    Can these devices be used with the "input" voltage at 3.3V, with the "output" (isolated side) voltage at 5.0V ?

  • Are there known ADuM5211 start up issues?

    I have an application that uses many many ADuM5211s (about 74 per unit), and the product has been in production for some time. However, lately we are experiencing issues where the ADuM converter output goes to somewhere between 0.5V to 0.6V, and then…

  • isopower ADUM521x soft start

    The datasheet for the ADUM5211 & ADuM5212 both mention "Soft Start" for the isolated supply voltage ramp up, but not provide and details characterizing the soft start.  Is there any information that characterizes the turn on time for the…

  • RE: ADuM5241 alternatives


    You can look at the ADuM5211 which comes in the SSOP package which is smaller than the ADuM5201 and consumes less current than the ADuM5241. 

    Regards, Brian

  • RE: I need a simple circuit to convert ADum5241 iCoupler isolator I/O to 3.3 volt levels

    John:  We have a newer isoPower digital isolator that can run from 3.3V VDD on side 1 and 3.3V on the isolated side.  It is called the ADuM5211 and comes in the 20 lead SSOP package, which is smaller than the other isoPower devices that come in the 16 pin…

  • ESD protection for equipment that use isopower devices

    We are using ADum5211 / 5401 isolation devices on our product. Will a safety capacitor provided between the two side's ground help in enhancing ESD protection? Presently it is not possible to filter out the ESD from the isolated side to body earth due…

  • RE: ADuM5210 product question

    My responses below:

    1. Logic High Input Threshold is 0.7*Viso, 0.7*VDD1. This is listed because the input signals can be from the VDD1 for the ADuM5210, but could also be from the VISO side for the ADuM5211.

    2. will we also need voltage on Vdd2 to produce…