• Isolated voltage ADuM5028-3BRIZ :: ADC converter


    I'm searching for a solution which could provide isolated 3V3 voltage to supply the ADC converter. It looks that ADuM5028-3BRIZ would be a very good choice, but I'm not completly sure if it will be the best choice for my application, because of…

  • ADuM5028 Output Capacitance

    Hi there,

    I'm working on an inverter design that measures phase currents using ADuM7701 ADCs, which require floating power supplies. To keep things simple, I'm considering exclusively using a DC/DC such as the ADuM5028 instead combining a DC/DC…

  • ADuM5028


    I am trying to use ADuM5028 to supply gate driver with isolated 5V, but  I have read in the datasheet in page 11 that "It is recommended that the ADuM5020-3BRWZ and the
    ADuM5028-3BRIZ are only used for 3.3 V input to 3.3 V operation, therefore…

  • ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 for RS-485 Circuit


    I would like to use ADUM5020/ADUM5028 for a RS-485 circuit. With ADM2795E transceiever.
    120Ohm Termination, 3.3V bus and 500kbit/s. 

    Do you have an application note or example design about power calculations?
    Thanks for any help.

  • ADuM5028 and ADuM240D0 4 layer board layout?


    I am using the ADuM5028 to power two ADuM240D0 isolators, and I am using a 4 layer board. So far I have followed the advice from from the two layer EVAL-ADuM5028EBZ evaluation board, adding the two ferrites. I was wondering what to do with the inner…

  • RE: Is there an isolated DC/DC 3.3V efficient at low current (less than 2mA)

    ADuM5028 is a very compact solution and although efficiency with small load is low, alternatives might be the same or lower. There are discrete power supply options such as flyback converters (e.g. LT8302) that offer higher output power & voltages, 

  • RE: ADuM5020/5028 Design Guild

    Both ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 should be released already.

    You can find SCH and LYT examples on user guides of Eval Boards.

  • RE: ade9153a

    Hi Belaj, 

    The quick answer is yes. The ADuM5000 can provide 60mA @ 3.3V isolated power. There are some other part and package options available depending on your application needs. So to say it with package and HV rating options, the ADuM5000/ADuM6000 can…

  • RE: ADM3260 performance in a two layer PCB

    Hi Javier, 

    It may be possible with very careful layout to meet Class A on a two layer. Best for emissions would be to use a 4-layer board and use the inner layers to create stitching capacitance. 

    There may be an easier way to meet emissions targets on…

  • RE: ADN4654 LDO input range


    6.5V on Vin1/Vin2 is an absolute maximum rating only. The main obstacle to operating the LDO at 5V in would be thermal limitations of the package (there could be up to an extra 0.25W if both sides are operated this way). Also reliability, production…