• ADuM5028


    I am trying to use ADuM5028 to supply gate driver with isolated 5V, but  I have read in the datasheet in page 11 that "It is recommended that the ADuM5020-3BRWZ and the
    ADuM5028-3BRIZ are only used for 3.3 V input to 3.3 V operation, therefore…

  • RE: ADuM5020/5028 Design Guild

    Both ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 should be released already.

    You can find SCH and LYT examples on user guides of Eval Boards.

  • ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 for RS-485 Circuit


    I would like to use ADUM5020/ADUM5028 for a RS-485 circuit. With ADM2795E transceiever.
    120Ohm Termination, 3.3V bus and 500kbit/s. 

    Do you have an application note or example design about power calculations?
    Thanks for any help.

  • RE: ADuM5028 and ADuM240D0 4 layer board layout?


    You don't need to use stitching capacitance with the ADuM5028, the use of ferrites alone and following the layout in the eval board should meet CISPR22 class B emissions if care is taken with a very short wires from a power source like a battery…

  • RE: ADM3260 performance in a two layer PCB

    Hi Javier, 

    It may be possible with very careful layout to meet Class A on a two layer. Best for emissions would be to use a 4-layer board and use the inner layers to create stitching capacitance. 

    There may be an easier way to meet emissions targets on…

  • RE: ade9153a

    Hi Belaj, 

    The quick answer is yes. The ADuM5000 can provide 60mA @ 3.3V isolated power. There are some other part and package options available depending on your application needs. So to say it with package and HV rating options, the ADuM5000/ADuM6000 can…

  • RE: ADN4654 LDO input range


    6.5V on Vin1/Vin2 is an absolute maximum rating only. The main obstacle to operating the LDO at 5V in would be thermal limitations of the package (there could be up to an extra 0.25W if both sides are operated this way). Also reliability, production…

  • 错过了新品发布?来看看2018上半年新品汇总吧




    业界带宽最宽的RF收发器 ADRV9009


    该器件可在75 MHz至6 GHz的范围内调谐,支持2G/3G/4G/5G服务,提供两倍于前代器件的带宽…

  • 21合1,ADI新品年底大盘点来啦







    LTC7821把开关电容器电路与一个同步降压型控制器相结合,可使 DC/DC 转换器解决方案尺寸相比传统降压解决方案锐减 50% 之多。这种改善是通过将开关频率提高 3 倍实现的 (并未牺牲效率)。或者,当工作于相同的频率时,基于…