• RE: Difference between LTM8058 and ADuM 5020 in terms of EMI and efficiency


    we cannot perform CISPR22 test on every demoboard we produce, that's the main reason. I'm pretty sure that you can achieve the required EMI limits with the LTM8058, a proper layout and good filter components.
    LTM8058 and ADuM5020 feature…

  • RE: ADuM5028


    What does %V means?

    A short summary is : ADuM5020/8-5BRxZ can support 5V input, 5V or 3.3V output depends how Vsel is connected. while ADuM5020/8-3BRxZ can only support 3.3V input, 3.3V output. while Vsel should be connected to GND. Hope that helps…

  • RE: ADM2587E TVS surge protection


    The protection schemes from the CN-0313 circuit note below can be adopted for use with the ADM2587E 


    The SM712 TVS is a good option, 

    For the TBU we would…

  • RE: CN0349 RF interference?

    Hi Jgirgis,

    All isolated supplies will have some level of interference, but the ADUM5020 mentioned above would be a good step in the right direction. There is quite a bit of reference material on the product landing page:


  • (ADuM6020/28) What is different between -3 and -5?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM5020/28.

    Does "-3" means output is 3.3V_typ?

    And does "-5" means output is 5V_typ?

    And is this typo?

    Best regards


  • (isoPower)Which one is the low EMI 4ch isoPower?

    Hi !

    I already know ADuM5020/5028 is low EMI isoPower.

    Do you have low EMI isoPower include 4 channel isolator?

    If the product has not yet been released, is it possible to arrange a PRE data sheet and sample?

    If you have difficulty replying here, you…

  • RE: More drive for RS485 Application

    Hi Paul,

    Any idea on what the combined load of the 20 - 50 VFDs is? The ADM2587E can drive a network with a total of 32 unit loads (12kohm) present. If you require to add additional power in order to drive this network, I would expect the network to have…

  • RE: ADUM5000ARWZ EMI issue


    In the past I have heard of applications using a metal shielded enclosure but not specifically using a ferrite sheet.  The new ADuM5020 can be used and does not need shielding or stitching capacitance to achieve CISPR22 Class B emissions.

  • RE: ade9153a

    Hi Belaj, 

    The quick answer is yes. The ADuM5000 can provide 60mA @ 3.3V isolated power. There are some other part and package options available depending on your application needs. So to say it with package and HV rating options, the ADuM5000/ADuM6000 can…