• Beat frequency when using multiple ADuM5020/5028?


    I am designing a multi-phase inverter (e.g., 12 phases) and thinking of using multiple ADuM5020/5028 to individually power multiple ADuM7701 for in-line phase current measurements. 

    I wonder if using multiple of the ADuM5020/5028 would cause a…

  • (ADuM5020)How did reduce ADuM5020 radiation noise?

    Hi !

    This is just my interest but please let us know.

    How did ADuM5020 reduce EMC?

    Does this device use same architecture inductor as ADuM141?

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  • Why is the dielectric strength of ADuM5020 / 8 and ADuM6x2x different?


    What is different between the 5 series and the 6 series?

    Although the dielectric strength seems to be different, the thickness of the insulating film and the length of the creepage seem to be almost same, so I think that both have a withstand voltage…

  • Placement of ADUM3160 and ADUM5020, is it possible to place them on opposing sides of the pcb


    I am in the need for a USB Isolator with minimal footprint and I was wondering if it is possible to place the ADUM5020 on the top side and the ADUM3140 on the bottom side? SO that they are right above each other. The will be an isolation cut, so…

  • (ADuM5020 vs ADuM5000W)Do you have one-to-one EMI comparison data?

    Hi !

    Do you have one-to-one EMI comparison data?

    f possible, I would like the result measured on the same board, but if not, the comparison result on another board is also acceptable.

    Please tell me what the board is at that time.

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  • ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 for RS-485 Circuit


    I would like to use ADUM5020/ADUM5028 for a RS-485 circuit. With ADM2795E transceiever.
    120Ohm Termination, 3.3V bus and 500kbit/s. 

    Do you have an application note or example design about power calculations?
    Thanks for any help.

  • RE: ADuM5020/5028 Design Guild

    Both ADUM5020 and ADUM5028 should be released already.

    You can find SCH and LYT examples on user guides of Eval Boards.

  • 隔离芯片ADUM5020损坏好多

    设计开发系统必须使用隔离模块,选用了ADUM5020,负载电路为5V/50mA,测试过程中多个芯片损坏,经过分析后,大概得出结论是该芯片空载或过载后出现异常且不可恢复。但是该芯片数据手册上没有明确这一点,且先关评估板资料也未给出说明。哪位ADI工程师能帮助解答下,损坏原因是否为上述原因,或者其他可能原因 。请指正!

  • RE: Replacement ADUM6421

    Hi Cedric, 

    There is not another device pin-compatible with the ADUM6421ABRNZ5. Some layout changes would be needed. 

    The most similar functionality for the isolated dc/dc converter would be the ADuM5020/ADuM5028/ADuM6020/ADuM6028.

    The digital isolation…

  • RE: ADuM6020 and ADuM4152 layout guidlines

    Hi Sanjula, 

    The information in AN-0971 and AN-1109 will still be generally applicable. The ADuM6020/ADuM5020 isolated dc/dc converters are a newer generation of isoPower technology with lower emissions than those covered in AN-0971. Specific layout guidelines…