• ADum6000 and ADuM4224 Certificates

    Can you provide the certificates for the Safety and regulatory approvals for
    ADuM6000ARWZ and ADUM4224WCRWZ?

  • ADUM4224 High Speed Voltage between Isolation Barriers

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is investigating to utilize ADUM4224 for his new inverter design.

    For this preliminary study, very high speed pulse, 10kV/us, will be applied between isolation barriers.

    Please refer to the circuit diagram attached.


  • (ADuM3223/ADuM4224)Which pin is monitored by the device for UVLO?


    I have a question about ADuM3223/4223 UVLO.

    At the data sheet , I understood that the device is monitoring VDD2 for UVLO.

    Which VDD2 are monitored by the device?

    I want to know.

    >If VDDA is 0V and VDDB is ON, would channel B would work or…

  • RE: ADum4223/4224 different ?


    The ADuM4223 and ADuM4224 would be excellent replacements for the Si8233BD-D-IS. There are a few things to consider though:

    1. The difference between the ADuM4223 and ADuM4224 is that the ADuM4223 contains an internal thermal shutdown circuit…

  • ADuM4223/4224 差別與應用

    ADuM4223/4224 差別在哪??看起來電器規格都差不多?

    另外我ADuM4224 是否可以取代 Silicon Lab SI8233BD-D-ISR




  • RE: Hello. I want to know if the ouput of the ADuM3221 gate driver are isolated between them?


    The ADuM3221 has two outputs, but they share the same output ground. If you need two output channels that can be separated by 400 V, the ADuM3223, ADuM4223, and ADUM7234 are some solutions. There are also the ADuM3224 and ADuM4224 which are the…