• ADuM4223 for safety class II

    For a synchronous rectifier I am looking for a gate driver. The equipment shall
    have safety class II.
    Has the ADuM4223 a sufficient isolation?


    The ADuM4223 will meet safety class II. To do this you need to meet 6000V
    impulse voltage (surge…

  • How to use ADuM4223 in Full Bridge driver application?

    Dear Sir,

    We want to use ADuM4223 in the full bridge driver application. Do you have the reference circuit for this application?


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  • RE: ADUM4223 overlap feature


    The ADuM4223 normally allow for channel overlap. The ADuM4223 does not come with any deadtime control. The ADuM4223 will allow for overlap as shown in the figure.


  • About the structure of the ADuM4223 output


    We are evaluating the ADuM4223.
    Let me ask you some questions.

    ① Is the output a CMOS structure?
    I am concerned about a short circuit in the power line of the internal structure.
    (2) It is written in the data sheet that the distance between the power…

  • H-bridge application of ADuM4223 for stepper motor

    Hello Team,

    I am using ADuM4223 in H-bridge for driving stepper motor ( model no.: 34HS46-5004D-E1000)

    Below is schematic of stepper motor driver circuit. Here, 12V is supplied to ADuM4223 and  24V supplied to H-Bridge. Host micro controller is used for controlling…

  • ADuM4223 NC pin


    We found the opps for ADuM4223 replace TI's UCC21540.

    But we met the pin compatible issue that  pin 6 , ADI=NC and customer let it connect to GND.

    One question is , if customer wouldn't re-layout and ADI can mount it without floating?


  • ADuM4223 Internal structure


    I would like to use ADuM4223.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    I am experimenting with ADuM4223.

    In this situation, the phenomenon that the IC that supplies power to the ADuM4223 broke down (supplying power to…

  • (ADuM4223)Table 9. ADuM4223 VDE Characteristics

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM4223 VDE Characteristics.

    At table 9 , it says conditions is 10kV and Characteristics is 6kV.

    Why the value is different?

    Does this means ADuM4223 guarantee(characterize) 6000V but with margin, ADI test 10kV?


  • ADuM4223 related

    Hello RScnell,

    Pls clear my doubt regarding the Boost strap gate driver IC ADuM4223.In this IC,I want to use just bottom channel only (i.e) B channel which is directly connected to Vcc (+15V).Using single channel create any issues during operation?My…