• RE: ADuM4223 NC pin


    Pin 6 on the ADuM4223 is not internally connected, and tying to GND1 is allowed. There is no issue with having pin 6 held to GND1.


  • ADuM4223

    Hi all,

    I'm currently trying to designo full bridge converter using AD4223 as isolated gate driver. I just find some explications in the link below.


    But i can't find a way to use this driver for synchronous…

  • ADuM4223 Internal structure


    I would like to use ADuM4223.

    So, I have a question. Please help me.


    I am experimenting with ADuM4223.

    In this situation, the phenomenon that the IC that supplies power to the ADuM4223 broke down (supplying power to…

  • RE: ADum4223/4224 different ?


    The ADuM4223 and ADuM4224 would be excellent replacements for the Si8233BD-D-IS. There are a few things to consider though:

    1. The difference between the ADuM4223 and ADuM4224 is that the ADuM4223 contains an internal thermal shutdown circuit…

  • RE: About the ADuM4223 Logic High Input Threshold

    Hi Brent,

    Just to add a quick note, is there a specific reason the ADuM4223 isn't being powered on VDD1 with the same rail as the controller with the 3.3 V output? The ADuM4223 is able to be operated with a primary voltage of 3.3 V.



  • (ADuM4223)Is there any hysteresis with VDD1-UVLO?

    Hi !

    I have a question about ADUM4223.

    At the datasheet , it says ADUM4223 has 2.5V UVLO with VDD1.

    Is there any MIN-MAX specification about this?

    And is there any hysteresis ?

    Best regards.


  • ADuM4223 internal modulation/demodulation function

    Dear Sir

    When I use ADUM4223, a radiation problem occurs, causing other circuit abnormalities.

    So I want to know the internal circuit action and radiant energy data of ADUM4223.

    Here are a few questions I would like to ask


    1. Which functional will be…

  • RE: (ADuM4223)Table 9. ADuM4223 VDE Characteristics

    Hi Rschnell.

    I have more two questions.

    So if you can answer my four questions, it will help us very much.


    ADuM4223 guarantee 6kV.

    But the test condition is 10kV.

    Can you say that ADuM4223 can guarantee 6.25kV(10kV / 1.6 = 6.25kV)?

    Not 6kV.

  • RE: How to solve output error issues in ADuM4223


    The ADuM4223 uses a refresh signal that is approximately 1 µs long. If an edge is missed on the internal transmission, this exhibits as an error similar to what you are seeing. The main cause of a missed edge is CMTI. There was a PCN performed…

  • RE: ADum4223 undershoot voltage

    Hello RSchnell


    I use currently measuring with a "rat tail" ground clip.

    So ADUM4223 undershoot voltage is not less than -0.5V and reverse current can not exceed 100mA, this would not have happened ADUM4223 latch-up?

    If the measuring…