• Can the ground B (GNDB ) of ADuM4221-1 be driven at -4V?


    I wish to use ADuM4221-1  to drive C3M0015065K SiC MOSFET. This requires to be driven at a negative voltage to ensure that it stays off when required. Can the ground B (GNDB )  of ADuM4221-1 be driven at -4V? The datasheet of ADuM4221-1  says it is compatible…

  • ADUM4221 LTspice model request.


    Can`t find ADUM4221 LTspice model on product page.
    Only IBIS available.

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  • RE: ADUM4221 DT pin connect to 5V(VDDI)

    Hello Patrick,

    It is correct that the ADuM4221-2 does not contain overlap protection. The ADuM4221-2 will allow both channels to be on at the same time if the inputs are both high.

    Overlap protection and deadtime control are very related. In an ideal…

  • RE: ADUM4221 DT pin with a paralleled 2.2nF

    The intended operation of the part is only with a resistor between the DT pin and ground. We do not recommend adding a capacitor parallel to the DT pin resistor since it will result in unexpected variation in dead time

  • ADUM4221 DT Pin decoupling Cap


                Below is UCC21540 DT design guideline. It is recommend to DT Pin with RC (10k//2.2nF). Does ADUM4221 also put decoupling CAP 2.2 nF for DT pin? Has any side effect for it? Thank you.  



  • ADUM4221 DT connect to 5V(VDDI)


               Customer use SI8233 on board. We will use ADUM4221 to replace it. Customer don't use DT function of SI8233 and DT pin connect to 5V(VDDI).

               Could ADUM4221/ADUM4221-1 DT pin connect to pull hign (5V) for direct replacement? Or ADUM4221…

  • ADuM4221 VDD1 series 1.2KΩ resistance


    ADuM4221 VDD1 VIN: Can a 1.2KΩ resistor be connected in series with 5V? 

    Thank you~

  • RE: ADUM4221 comparison to UCC21540

    Hello Patrick,

    The ADuM4221 secondary side supports higher supply voltage as compared to the UCC21540. Also, the CMTI rating of the ADuM4221 is higher than the UCC21540.


  • About ADUM4221/ADUM4121 magnetic isolation and VDD1 power supply

    About ADUM4221/ADUM4121 magnetic isolation and VDD1 power supply

    1.ADUM4221/ADUM4121 is magnetic isolation. In PCB design, it is usually close to the main transformer. Will the transformer and the internal isolation coil of ADUM4221 interfere with each…