• ADUM4221 dead time


    Is it possible to disable dead time in ADuM4221?

    For example, UCC21521DW is disabled by DT connection with power.

    Couldn't find exact information in the datasheet. Please help

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  • ADum4221 Truth-Table Problem


    I'm using the ADuM4221 as a gate-drive for a synchronous buck converter. It's implemented according to the bootsrapped Half Bridge Operation Circuit found in Figure 38 in its datasheet (ADuM4221/ADuM4221-1/ADuM4221-2 (Rev. B) (analog.com…

  • ADUM4221 testing issue


            We directly replace UCC21540 to ADUM4221 as below schematics. We remove DT pin decoupling cap. The application is server power. Bit while test, the server power will boot normally at no load. But have over 0.2A load, ADUM4221 will shutdown the…

  • ADUM4221 LTspice model request.


    Can`t find ADUM4221 LTspice model on product page.
    Only IBIS available.

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  • RE: ADUM4221 - High-Side isolation to GND and maximum Dutycycle


    The ADuM4221 can be thought of as three separate isolation regions. There is one region that comprises pins 1-8, which we often call the primary side. The two other regions are pins 9-11, and pins 14-16. We call these two the secondary sides, or…

  • RE: ADuM4221 VDD1 series 1.2KΩ resistance


    As pictured, the 1.2 kΩ resistance will be in the way of the decoupling capacitance, meaning that as the part needs more current, the 5 V supply will droop going into the ADuM4221. It is possible to put a resistor to the left of the decoupling…

  • RE: ADUM4221 DT Pin decoupling Cap


    The ADuM4221 cannot have any decoupling capacitance on the DT pin. It is designed to not need it, and capacitance will affect the DT operation.



  • ADUM4221 DT pin with a paralleled 2.2nF

    Hi ADI Expert

    May I know if it will cause any issue if I add a 2.2nF paralleled to the DT pin resistor(around 20k for my case)?

    thank you


  • RE: ADUM4221 DT pin connect to 5V(VDDI)

    Hello Patrick,

    It is correct that the ADuM4221-2 does not contain overlap protection. The ADuM4221-2 will allow both channels to be on at the same time if the inputs are both high.

    Overlap protection and deadtime control are very related. In an ideal…

  • RE: ADUM4221 isolation between high side output and low side output


    The isolation between the highside and lowside is not a safety isolation barrier, and is not covered by the isolation standards. It is suggested to keep creepage distances the same as would be required in a reinforced isolation situation, but since…