• ADUM4160 iCouplers EMI

    Hello, during EMI/radio test (spurious radiated emission) we noticed non-conforming results regarding autorised radio emission level for our PCB design. We did carefull design. 43dBuV/m is the criteria for Spurious around 700 to 800 MHz that is the problem…

  • ADUM4160 + FT2232D, USB not enumerating


    I've started using ADUM4160 to isolate the USB connectivity of my boards. 
    FT2232D implements the USB to UART interface with a FPGA.
    Please find below the schematic. 
    I'm using Windows 10 and Teraterm to test the USB communication.



  • ADUM4160 Standby Current

    We have been developing some hardware for an application which uses ADuM4160 USB isolators. The application involves battery usage and we want it to stand by >30 days when the device is in idle mode. Our battery is 1100 mAh and idle current of ADuM4160…

  • ADUM4160 eye diagram failure issue

    Hi ADIexpert

    my customer reported that the test on customer 's designed PCB as well as the EVM of  EVAL-ADUM4160 both failed the USB full speed eye diagram

    this are the test setup pictures and failure eye pics

    the SPU is pulled up to VDD1 and SPD pulled…

  • ADUM4160供电疑问

    附件是电路图,NC没有焊接,USBPOW 5V,VDD2那的供电LDO2USB是2.85V



    In our project we are using ADUM4160 and STM32F302RD MCU for isolated USB connectivity, we place 1.5K pull-up on MCU D+ line. For delay enumeration we are Enabling/Disabling 1.5K pull-up resistor threw MCU PB15 GPIO.


    But often USB didn’t enumerate…

  • ADuM4160 Pull-Up functionality working?


    We are using the ADuM4160 on several PCBs to isolate full-speed USB peripherals. As we are facing some enumeration problems I was investigating a little bit on the ADuM4160 and didn't see the expected Pull-Up behavior on it's upstream D+ line.…

  • ADUM4160 - Advice re schematic


    I recently made a PCB made for a micro-controller project and I wanted to isolate PC USB power from the PCB using the ADUM4160. The PCB has it own 24V and 5V rails so I'm not looking to implement the ADUM5000 for power isolation, rather powering both…

  • ADuM4160 internal modulation frequency


    I'd like to know what is the frequency of the internal modulator of ADuM4160?

    I'm seeing a 107Mhz EMI peak emitting from a board and I would like to investigate if it is possible it is coming from ADuM4160, thank you.


  • ADuM4160应用电路分享

    ADuM4160应用电路分享 by songchenping

    ADUM4160, USB接口隔离芯片,支持12Mbps通讯速率。