• ADuM4160 PIN input

    We are using ADuM4160 in an ECG module. What voltage is required at PIN input
    to activate the pull-up resistor ?


    The PIN input like all of the control lines is a 3.3V digital input so anywhere
    from 2.3-3.3V will do the job. The digital inputs…

  • ADuM4160 with SMSC USB2514B

    We want to use ADuM4160 in an isolated USB HUB but have the following problem:
    we need to isolate only 2 USB ports of SMSC USB2514B USB Hub (attached).
    However, USB line pairs USBDNx-Dx from the hub are mirrored compared with the
    inputs of ADuM4160…

  • ADuM4160 wiring with uC

    In a current design of a medical device, i have to establish an isolated USB
    connection between a PIC microcontroller and a host and I intend to use the
    ADuM4160 for that purpose. My microcontroller therefore serves the role of an
    USB 2.0 USB…

  • EVAL-ADUM4160 physical dimensions

    I have the User Guide for this evaluation board but can you tell me the
    physical dimensions and mounting hole spacing please. I want to use a number of
    them in some items of custom functional test equipment but need to know the
    space constraints…

  • ADUM4160/ADUM3160: Can these devices support OTG (On The Go) USB?

    Can ADUM4160 support OTG (On The Go) USB?


    The ADuM4160 does not support On The Go. This part of the USB specification has
    modes where power is not present on the cable, and we can not pass signals to
    initiate communication if power is not present…

  • ADUM4160/ADUM3160: Is there a difference between the upstream and downstream port?

    Is there a difference between the upstream and downstream ports, can they be


    The upstream and downstream ports are defined by the presence of Pull-Up and
    Pull-Down reistors at the buffer. These components are internal to the

  • ADuM4160 breaks/burns

    This is our USB interface to a PIC32MX microcontroller. Left side is powered by USB, right side with 5 V. We use this design since some years and never had problems with it. But the last few weeks, we encounter that some ADuMs get very hot and don't…

  • ADUM4160/ADUM3160: What is the difference between these 2 USB isolation devices?

    What is the difference between the 2 USB isolation devices, ADUM4160/ADUM3160


    There are two differences, insulation rating and operating power supply range.

    ADUM3160:  Insulation Rating : 2.5kV rms , power supply: 4.0 V to 5.5 V

  • ADUM4160 iCouplers EMI

    Hello, during EMI/radio test (spurious radiated emission) we noticed non-conforming results regarding autorised radio emission level for our PCB design. We did carefull design. 43dBuV/m is the criteria for Spurious around 700 to 800 MHz that is the problem…