• RE: ADUM4160 eye diagram failure issue

    Hi Ken,

    I don't spot anything amiss with the eval board, though you could take a top down photo of the board if you want a more careful check of jumpers, resistors, etc.

    From your eye diagrams, the issue seems to be present even without ADuM4160 even…

  • RE: ADUM4160 Standby Current


    The ADuM4160 uses several internal isolation channels to coordinate the USB enumeration/termination and directionality, and does not have a specific low power mode based on following the USB communication. So the current drawn typically will be around…

  • ADuM4160 PIN input

    We are using ADuM4160 in an ECG module. What voltage is required at PIN input
    to activate the pull-up resistor ?


    The PIN input like all of the control lines is a 3.3V digital input so anywhere
    from 2.3-3.3V will do the job. The digital…
  • ADuM4160


    Does pin Vbus2 give +5V as output or take +5V as input?

  • Adum4160 + ESD Protection


    can I use the ESD Protection as per schematic on the ADuM4160?  [It is to be on a peripheral]

    PS- I do NOT want to use the PiC's   VUSB in this case... 

    Thanks again!

    PS:The process to get to this result is shown below:

  • ADuM4160 internal clearance?


    What is the internal clearance between the isolated sides on the ADum4160 iCoupler?

    Since the Rated Dielectric Insulation Voltage is 5000V I would assume that the internal clearance is more than 0.017mm or is it actually so small?

    I am searching…

  • ADUM4160/ADUM3160


    My customer is facing problems with the USB isolators during the EMC tests.

    They made a new layout as per ADI's recommendations but this problem still exists.

    Any advise?



  • ADuM4160 EMI

    Hi all,

    Is it possible to use the ADuM4160 without the internal power regulation to avoid EMI?  We have a power solution already, but would like to use this part for the USB data path.


  • ADUM4160 Configuration

    Hello everyone, I'm using an ADUM4160 for isolating an ECG device for my university project, the fact is that I'm designing a ECG system portable and I want to supply my device through the USB port, I have a 3.3v micro controller so I'm using a 3.3v regulator…

  • ADUM4160 problem


    I try to use an ADUM4160 with a PIC uC, but it doesn't work. In the attachment there is a picture about the signals of the 2 sides of the isolator . The Channel 0 is the UD+, channel 2 is the UD-, channel 4 is DD+ and the channel 6 is the DD-. As…