• RE: ADUM4160 - Advice re schematic

    Now for the images with the ADUM4160 installed:

    At USB cable side of ADUM4160

    Next images from micro-controller side of ADUM4160:

    This last image shows that at least 1 packet going through the ADUM4160 but not enough to enumerate the port and keep…

  • ADuM4160


    Does pin Vbus2 give +5V as output or take +5V as input?

  • RE: ADUM4160 maximum cable length

    The ADuM4160 is complient with the USB 2.0 spec.  You can use it with any cable length that is supported, which is up to 5m for full speed.   If you are using the ADuM4160 in series with a number of hubs, you should consider the time delay of the ADuM4160…

  • ADuM4160 internal modulation frequency


    I'd like to know what is the frequency of the internal modulator of ADuM4160?

    I'm seeing a 107Mhz EMI peak emitting from a board and I would like to investigate if it is possible it is coming from ADuM4160, thank you.


  • ADuM4160应用电路分享

    ADuM4160应用电路分享 by songchenping

    ADUM4160, USB接口隔离芯片,支持12Mbps通讯速率。

  • RE: ADuM3160 IBIS model

    Hello T Kamino

    The IBIS model for the ADuM4160 and ADuM3160 are identical.  There are only test differences between the two parts, no physical difference.  Please use the ADuM4160 model it is the same.

    Best Regards,


  • Reinforced Insulation ADUM4160 with the standard IEC61010

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We will take the ADUM4160 for a project. For this project we need a double ore reinforced insulation from 1000 V/DC with the standard IEC61010. Is this possible with the ADUM4160? Are there any certifications about this?

  • ADUM4160 not recognized by PC

    I'm aDFAE and of my customers is having trouble with the ADUM4160 USB isolation device.

    They cannot get the PC to recognize a USB device isolated by the ADUM4160.

    They have tried different setups:

    1.  Full speed setup

         Vbus1 powered by USB connector…

  • Does ADuM4160 have internal pull-up resistors in D+ line?

    To whom may it concern,

    I'd like use USB Isolator IC(ADuM4160 of ADI) and Hub IC(1:4).

    I found that ADuM4160's reference schematic does not include 1.5kohm pull-up resistor in both UD+ net and UD- net for Full-speed.

    So I have question about…

  • ADUM4160/ADUM3160: Can these devices support OTG (On The Go) USB?

    Can ADUM4160 support OTG (On The Go) USB?


    The ADuM4160 does not support On The Go. This part of the USB specification has
    modes where power is not present on the cable, and we can not pass signals to
    initiate communication if power…