• (ADuM4138/ADuM4137)Differences between the ADuM4137 and ADuM4138


    I would like to see the differences between the ADuM4137 and ADuM4138, but I am still reading the datasheet.

    Are there any major feature differences besides having a flyback controller?
    For example, the fault detection function is different.
    If there…

  • (ADuM4138)What did you change?

    Hi !

    We detect ADI changed ADuM4138 datasheet.

    What did you change at Figure 24.

    I couldn't find what you change.



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  • How to use the ADuM4138?


            My Client was drived IGBT Module (6MBI150XBA120-50) by ADuM4138. As following is their issue for ADuM4138.

    1. About desaturation detection, how to design & optimize the RBLANK, CBLANK and RDESAT for their IGBT?
    2. About Miller Clamp, how to design…
  • RE: Isolated gate driver with DC/DC converter for automotive

    Hello Josh,

    The ADuM4138 has an integrated flyback controller included. The user has to supply a flyback transformer, but the transformer combined with the ADuM4138 provides its own isolated DC/DC converter.


  • RE: Driving gate driver ADuM4223ARWZ using single PWM

    Hello Ramesh,

    ADI has a large offering of isolated gate drivers. We don't have a dual channel driver that includes Desat, active Miller clamp, and fault output, but we do have single channel devices that include that. The first part to look at would…

  • RE: I’m looking at using a power switch with a split-emitter for current sensing. Do you have an over current protection solution which works with this type of device?

    Yes, either the ADuM4137 or the ADuM4138 both include an over current input feature which measures the voltage on a shunt resistor connected to the sensing emitter to determine an over current trip condition.  The ADuM4137  includes two over current inputs…