• ADuM4136 VDESAT Reference

    Hi, in our application we're using ADuM4136 with MOSFETs and I was wondering what the Vdesat 9V source is referenced to internally. The functional diagram in rev 0 of the datasheet references the internal clamp and the 9V source to VSS2. However, since…

  • ADUM4136 weird behavior

    How can you explain following behavior please:

    Status primary side:

    VI- tied to VSS1

    VDD1 +3,3V with respect to VSS1 (always guaranteed not to exceed chip limits, protected with TVS)

    VI+ valid PWM signal (+3,3V or 0V with respect to VSS1)

    /RESET low

  • ADuM4136 /FAULT and READY states


    I'm designing a motor driver using the ADuM4136.

    From the datasheet Table 9, I've noticed that there are some conditions under which the READY and /FAULT pins have "UNKNOWN" states.

    Can you explain this a bit more?  For instance, if…

  • Adum4136 Damage with Ready pin low


    I am using the Adum4136 to drive IGBTs in DC-AC converter. The circuits have worked well but I am suffering occassionally damage of Adum4136. When it goes wrong, the fault pin keeps high and the ready pin keeps low. Some of them are damaged when…

  • Ask ADUM4136 DESAT fault under ringing condition

    Dear  Sir / Madam :

    I use ACPL-36JT in my Gate drive board design to drive IGBT model; there is DESAT fault problem on switch ringing.

    For example: 

    my High voltage is 270V;

    when switching, The switcher collector Pin can go to -10V; then ACPL-36 make…

  • EVAL-ADuM4136EBZ PIN15 (VSS 2 pin) unconnected


    I am considering the ADuM4136 evaluation board.

    The schematic of the evaluation board user guide does not have the 15-pin(VSS2 pin) connected.

    Is this a bad connection?
    Should I connect PIN15 and VSS2 when evaluating?

    Or is pin 15 unnecessary because…

  • RE: Is ADuM4135 suitable for high voltage SiC application? Do you have some suggestion?



    The ADuM4135 does have good performance, but we have come across cases where short bursts of RF can upset the DESAT operation of the parts causing a premature fault to register. We are working on addressing the issue. We should have an update…

  • RE: can ADuM5230 be used to drive IGBT FS450R12OE4 ?

    Hello Chenmj,

    As Brian has pointed out, the output voltage swing requirements for your system make the ADuM5230 not a suitable match. Also, let's estimate the power required to operate the gate drive. using total gate charge, we can calculate:

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