• ADUM4135 modulation scheme

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please let me know is edge modulation scheme or on-off keeying(OOK) modulation scheme is using in ADUM4135?

    Please let me know where can i get this information?



  • ADUM4135 Sat function

    Hi Sir

    I use the Adum4135 for IGBT in inverter application & found the P10 is too sensitive for IGBT Protect

    how to adjust the R&C value as the red circle

    Can I shut down the Pin 10 function which keep the IC work correct ?


  • ADuM4135 break down


    I have designed in ADuM4135 for a half bridge pulse generator. I have problem with the IC breaks down. At this writing I have blow up probably about 50 IC during prototype testing. The IGBT:s survives almost every time

    - I have tried both with and…

  • ADUM4135 Failure after a while

    I'm a Hardware engineer working on a fixed current regulator system, using your ADUM4135 for driving a N channel Mosfet.
    I have already broken 6 ADUM4135's and probably it's going to be more, but anyway I have posted my schematics.

  • Maximum Frequency of ADUM4135

    Hi Everyone,

    ADUM4135 can accept 1MHz input signal? The application is 1MHz Isolated Half Bridge Converter and

    I'm not sure ADUM4135 can cover 1MHz drive signal due to no information in its datasheet.

    Thank you.

  • Desaturation diode for ADuM4135

    I would like to ask for a recommendation for the Desat diode for ADuM4135 as follows.

    1. What are the required specifications? Is STTH112 suitable for the 400V DC link voltage?

    2. Can I connect the Desat diodes in series in order to reduce the Vce threshold…

  • AduM4135 Absolute Maximum Ratings


    There Is something that I don't understand about the ADum4135 Absolute Maximum Ratings (page 7 data sheet). Here the minimum Vgate_sense is -0.3V but if the Miller Clamp is not used then I have to tie GATE_SENSE to VSS2 and VSS2 could be -15V.…

  • Setting up the Adum4135

    Hi, I'm working on a project to control an IGBT module with the Adum4135 gate driver chip. I am not extremely electronic savvy and just need help with making sure I connect all of the legs to the right location. I looked at the data sheet for the chip…

  • Desaturation circuit if ADuM4135

     I have implement a igbt driver with the ADuM4135. I wanted to see the work of the desaturation circuit then, theres is not
    mosfet in the circuit. 
     When I bring Vi+ high ( I never bring Vi+ low again), the Vgate go high (yellow line) and the tension…
  • ADuM4135 VDD2 from bootstrap


    Our customer will use ADuM4135 for half bridge.

    He would like to  supply VDD2 using bootstrap capacitor .

    Does this design include any problem ?

    ( does the function of desta operate correctively ?)

    We think below so  we think that above design is not problem…