• RE: ADUM4135 Fault pin issue


    I am also facing similar issue of Fault pin going to 0 sporadically. Could you please help with this? I see small High frequency noise on fault line at the time driver switch off. Could you please provide the details

  • ADuM4135 Output Buffer

    I am thinking of a combination of ADuM4135 and SiC MOSFET.
    Since the output current of ADuM4135 is insufficient, we are considering adding a buffer.
    Do you have a reference circuit or application note for ADuM4135 + buffer?

  • ADuM4135输入侧信号正常,但输出始终为低电平。

    您好!我首先使用LTspice软件对ADuM4135进行驱动和保护功能进行了仿真,这是对应的半桥电路仿真文件以及图片Draft1.asc ,驱动与保护功能均正常。按照仿真中的电路在AD中绘制了原理图 ,这是半桥上管驱动电路的图片。



  • RE: ADUM4135 Sat function

    Hallo Nignogs,

    I am not sure if you had a reply via Email etc before. If not, sorry for delay.

    DESAT Threshold is fixed inside the gate driver.
    The external components and/or factors (e.g. temperature of diode, MOSFET/IGBT) can affect the voltages in your…

  • RE: adum4135 DESAT setup and calculate issue


    1. Yes, if you want to operate to a higher current, you can change the Zener diode to a lower voltage.

    2. D13 and C39 should be connected the GND2 pin on the ADuM4135. The Desat pin is internally referenced to the GND2 pin, and should not be pulled…

  • RE: ADuM4135 AN-1536 Schematic


    R17 provides some voltage division for the 25 V supply connected with R11. This gets the Desat node in range of the acceptable voltages on the DESAT pin. R17 is not connected to the NTC pin.


  • aDUM4135

    Is there a pSpice model available for ADUM4135?

  • R blank in ADuM4135

    For controlling the blanking time, we have to charge the blanking capacitor.

    We are supplying the power to blanking capacitor through blanking resistor.

    As per the datasheet of ADuM4135, the blanking resistor will be connected to VDD2 . Some application…

  • RE: ADUM4135 Desaturation detection, what is the minimum Rblank


    Any Rblank that keeps the highest current below 14 mA will be fine. Your value of 1k3 is good.


  • ADUM4135 modulation scheme

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please let me know is edge modulation scheme or on-off keeying(OOK) modulation scheme is using in ADUM4135?

    Please let me know where can i get this information?