• ADuM4135

    I saw this component is pretty new so I have some questions as below:

    1. The full production time June so when and how I can get samples?

    2. Compared to Infineon 1ED020I12-F2, one major benefit of ADuM4135 is it is 3.3V compatible. But do you think…

  • aDUM4135

    Is there a pSpice model available for ADUM4135?

  • ADuM4135

    Hello there,

    is there any PSpice model or similar available for the ADuM4135?

    Best Regards

  • ADuM4135 Output Buffer

    I am thinking of a combination of ADuM4135 and SiC MOSFET.
    Since the output current of ADuM4135 is insufficient, we are considering adding a buffer.
    Do you have a reference circuit or application note for ADuM4135 + buffer?

  • ADUM4135 FAULT state

    Hi folks!

    I work on my master thesis and use the ADUM4135 guys to create a 3-phase bridge for BLDC motor. Unfortunatelly two upper drivers are continuously in fault state. When I open lower transistors to charge up the bootstrap capacitors and power up…

  • ADum4135 Questions


    I noticed in Fig. 28 of the the datasheet for the adum4135 it doesn't show the fault and ready pins connected to VDD1 through pull-up resistors but does in the user guide for the demo board.  Are those resistors required? 

    Is there an equation…

  • ADUM4135 Fault pin issue


    I am using ADuM4135 for 3phase inverter circuit to drive IGBT module.

    ADum4135 toggles fault pin low even if voltage at desat pin is not exceeding 9V.



  • R blank in ADuM4135

    For controlling the blanking time, we have to charge the blanking capacitor.

    We are supplying the power to blanking capacitor through blanking resistor.

    As per the datasheet of ADuM4135, the blanking resistor will be connected to VDD2 . Some application…

  • AduM4135 Gate Ringing

    Fig1 AduM4135 Gate Ringing

    Fig 1 AduM4135 Ringing

    Fig2 ISO5451 

    Hi, I'm using the Adum4135 at 20kHz with Rgon=Rgoff=4.7Ohm. I noted a ringing problem in the gate turn on(see fig1) The turn on is ringing at about 30MHz. At the beginning I thought that the problem was in my pcb…

  • ADUM4135 issues

    Still have issues with chip latch up when thermal protection activates.

    Please contact me to discuss.






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