• ADuM4121找不到对应封装文件



    Hi !

    I have a question about ADuM4121.

    Does this means 

    "User can input more than 50ns pulse"


    "ADuM4121 can output 50ns minimum pulse2


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  • ADUM4121-1

    Can ADUM4121-1 gate drive handle 100% duty cycle?

  • (ADuM4121)How fast can ADuM4121 detect mirror Clamp?

    Hi !

    I was reading ADuM4121 datasheet.

    I understood that ADuM4121 can detect mirror clamp at 2V.

    So my questions are these.


    Is it possible to change threshold voltage?

    I think for GaN, 2V is too high.


    If the Vclamp goes lower than 2V, how fast…

  • ADuM4121 IBIS Moel or SPICE Model

    My customer is seeking the IBIS model or SPICE model of ADuM4121.
    I looked up the ADuM4121 product page and found an IBIS model.
    However, there is only inputbuffer in this model.

    I searched for "Engineer zone", but I could not find the answer.…

  • RE: ADuM4122 evaluation Kit as SiC Mosfet Reliability Study

    There is no document exactly detailing use of ADUM4121 in a double pulse test. But the procedure is similar to testing a MOSFET or IGBT as seen in the following link - https://www.wolfspeed.com/downloads/dl/file/id/150/product/0/sic_mosfet_double_pulse_fixture…

  • ADuM4121-1 Spice Model

    Is there Spice-Model for ADuM4121-1? I've tried with help of "IBIS2SPICE" the IBIS Model transfered into Spice-Model. However, there is still a Problem, when I use the Spice-Model in LT-Spice, the Model can not be recognized. …
  • RE: ADUM4121-1BRIZ Gate Driver


    The ADuM4121-1 is intended to be used as a gate driver. The gates it is intended to drive are capacitive in nature, like MOSFET and IGBT gates, where once the gate charge is delivered, the gate driver doesn't need to provide more current. The…

  • ADUM4121 Peak Current


    I have a question ADUM4121.

    Figure17 is Peak Output Current.

    Is it  also no problem by this Figure17 current ?

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  • ADuM4121 Max Switching Frequency

    I would like to know the max switching frequency that one can go with ADuM4121 to drive GaN FET devices (GS66508B). Is there any Half bridge driver (low side + high side) for the same GaN devices. If possible please provide links to useful documents related…