• (ADuM4121)How fast can ADuM4121 detect mirror Clamp?

    Hi !

    I was reading ADuM4121 datasheet.

    I understood that ADuM4121 can detect mirror clamp at 2V.

    So my questions are these.


    Is it possible to change threshold voltage?

    I think for GaN, 2V is too high.


    If the Vclamp goes lower than 2V, how fast…

  • adum4121-1 voltage


    Why ADUM4121-1TRIZ-EP can not be driven by 5 volts?

    I asked this question because in datasheet It can be.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


  • ADUM4121-ARIZ


    I'm not able to understand how to use Vi+ and Vi- pins of the driver.

    GaN Systems has a half bridge eval board based on ADUM4121A. They have following connections- 

    Is it necessary to provide a complementary input to each driver? Can I just…

  • ADUM4121-1

    Can ADUM4121-1 gate drive handle 100% duty cycle?

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  • ADUM4121 Peak Current


    I have a question ADUM4121 Peak Current.

    ADuM4121 P 10,Figure 17
    shows peak output current and Vdd2.
    It assumes gate resistance of 15 Ω (on resistance) and 2 Ω (off resistance)
    I'd like to use peak current at…
  • ADUM4121 Peak Current


    I have a question ADUM4121.

    Figure17 is Peak Output Current.

    Is it  also no problem by this Figure17 current ?

    Best Regards


  • ADUM4121电源问题


  • ADuM4121-1 Spice Model

    Is there Spice-Model for ADuM4121-1? I've tried with help of "IBIS2SPICE" the IBIS Model transfered into Spice-Model. However, there is still a Problem, when I use the Spice-Model in LT-Spice, the Model can not be recognized. …
  • ADuM4121 Max Switching Frequency

    I would like to know the max switching frequency that one can go with ADuM4121 to drive GaN FET devices (GS66508B). Is there any Half bridge driver (low side + high side) for the same GaN devices. If possible please provide links to useful documents related…