• ADuM4121 Bootstrap setup

    I am trying to design the circuit referenced in the datasheet.

    Any guidance on selecting Rboot, Dboot, D1 and D2, and Rgaoff and Rgboff?

    I am using 4 of these parts in a Half Bridge circuit.  Vbuss is 340VDC and VDD2 is 15VDC.



  • ADuM4121 Miller clamp pin leakage current


    I am wondering what the leakage current into the miller clamp pin is on the ADuM4121. I am unable to find it in the datasheet.



  • adum4121-1 voltage


    Why ADUM4121-1TRIZ-EP can not be driven by 5 volts?

    I asked this question because in datasheet It can be.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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  • ADUM4121电源问题


  • ADUM4121-ARIZ


    I'm not able to understand how to use Vi+ and Vi- pins of the driver.

    GaN Systems has a half bridge eval board based on ADUM4121A. They have following connections- 

    Is it necessary to provide a complementary input to each driver? Can I just…

  • Miller clamp on the ADuM4121

    Do I have to connect the Miller clamp on the ADuM4121?

  • RE: ADuM4121 Max Switching Frequency

    Hi, thank you very much for clarification!

  • ADUM4121 (Vout does not turn off normally)

    I bought a GaN driver (ADUM4121) from ADI company for GaN short circuit test.

     Figure 1 in the attachment is the schematic diagram of short circuit test. The principle of the whole short circuit is: first supply power to the left and right of adum4121…

  • (ADuM4121)How fast can ADuM4121 detect mirror Clamp?

    Hi !

    I was reading ADuM4121 datasheet.

    I understood that ADuM4121 can detect mirror clamp at 2V.

    So my questions are these.


    Is it possible to change threshold voltage?

    I think for GaN, 2V is too high.


    If the Vclamp goes lower than 2V, how fast…