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    小型隔离式栅极驱动器ADuM4120 /1,提供下一代电源开关技术解决方案

    ADuM4120 /1 系列可实现超低传播延迟,且不影响共模瞬变抗扰度 (CMTI) 性能。 ADuM4120 /1 可在高温范围和高工作电压下工作,非常适合改进太阳能逆变器、电机控制器和工业逆变器应用的能源效率和时序性能稳定性。



  • Compliance of IEC61010-1 and VDE0884-10



    I am confused about the safety ratings of the part ADuM4120. Its datasheet states reinforced insulation for a working voltage of 400Vrms to meet IEC61010-1, while the rating for reinforced insulation with VDE0884-10 is 849Vpeak.



  • RE: Question about ADuM3221A

    Hello Kazu,

    The schematic you have drawn is correct, and a possible implementation of driving GaN. I don't recommend using the ADuM3221, though, for a few reasons:

    1) The CMTI is only 25 kV/µs, and GaN usually switches at a very fast slew rate

  • RE: ADuM4122

    Thank you  RSchnell,  

      My mistake R2 connection, the idea was to put R2 in series to gate´s.to see SR control.

       I see, ADuM4120 seem a better option.

    Thank you.

  • RE: Miller clamp on the ADuM4121

    No, If the Miller clamp is not being used, it is recommended to short it to GND2.

    However it should be noted that the ADuM4120 has similar performance to the ADuM4121 and has a smaller package so could be used in place. 

  • RE: ADUM3123 Fsw maximum question?


    The ADuM3123 is capable of operating at 6.78 MHz, but there will be significant self heating within the IC. The ADuM3123 also has a minimum pulse width of 50 ns, so if the design requires pulses shorter than that, there may be an issue.

    The ADuM3123…

  • RE: can ADuM5230 be used to drive IGBT FS450R12OE4 ?

    Hello Chenmj,

    As Brian has pointed out, the output voltage swing requirements for your system make the ADuM5230 not a suitable match. Also, let's estimate the power required to operate the gate drive. using total gate charge, we can calculate:

  • ADI最新中文资料大汇总(2017年10月)



    系统方案精选 APM

    数据手册 DATASHEET


    电路笔记 Circuit from the Lab (CFTL)

  • RE: [ADuM7223]How to design High-Side voltage when MOSFET gated 200V?


    Yes, the Vgs voltage relative to the source node can be run negative since GNDa is floating. This is one of the advantages of digitally isolated gate drivers as compared to high-voltage level shifters. The VDDA/VOA/GNDA pins are on one silicon…