• ADuM4120/21/ADuM4221A1 For EPC GaN Design

    Hi Sir,

    ADuM4120/4121 & ADuM4221 join to EPC GaN controller solution ,are there relevant documents for customers to refer to?




  • ADuM4120/1 driving GaN/SiC

    Can the ADuM4120/1 drive GaN/SiC devices?

  • ADUM4120 Maximum operating frequency?

    I use ADUM4120 find problems. The maximum operating frequency can only be 1.5MHz. If the frequency is increased again. The output of the signal will stop. Trouble to help me

  • External series gate resistor on the ADuM4120/1

    Do I really need an external series gate resistor on the ADuM4120/1?

  • ADuM4120/1 frequency graph only go to 500 kHz

    The minimum pulse width is 50 ns, which means a 20 MHz period. Why does the ADuM4120/1 frequency graph only go to 500 kHz?

  • ADuM4120/1 driven to negative voltages

    Can the ADuM4120/1 be driven to negative voltages?

  • ADuM4120 continuous output curren


    ADuM4120 datasheet secifies peak current but I would like to know maximum continuative source and sink current (no switching) of the device at maximum suggested VDD2.

    The application isn't related to a mosfet driver.

    Many thanks

  • (ADuM4120)How fast can ADuM4120 move?

    Hi !

    I was reading ADuM4120 datasheet.

    But there was no specification for frequency.

    How fast can ADuM4120 move?

    For example, at ADuM3223/4223 datasheet, it says maximum frequency is 1MHz.

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  • ADuM4120

    Hi all,

    is this part available in AEC-Q100 ?




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