• (ADuM4120)How fast can ADuM4120 move?

    Hi !

    I was reading ADuM4120 datasheet.

    But there was no specification for frequency.

    How fast can ADuM4120 move?

    For example, at ADuM3223/4223 datasheet, it says maximum frequency is 1MHz.

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  • RE: ADUM4120 Maximum operating frequency?


    I believe you might be running into the thermal shutdown. If you have an IR camera, please check if the unit is overheating. What load is the part operating?

    For the ADuM4120, I suggest the gate driver be operated at below 500 kHz in most cases…

  • ADuM4120

    Hi all,

    is this part available in AEC-Q100 ?



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    Can the ADuM4120/1 drive GaN/SiC devices?

  • ADuM4120 continuous output curren


    ADuM4120 datasheet secifies peak current but I would like to know maximum continuative source and sink current (no switching) of the device at maximum suggested VDD2.

    The application isn't related to a mosfet driver.

    Many thanks


    ADUM4120 VDD2 has been tested in 250mA and 1A.

    we are evaluating this P/N, for 2A+ current ability, and Switching Frequency 200Khz. Solar PV application.

    Could you tell me the power supply for VDD2 of ADUM4120 recommended value? 250mA?

    we use 16pcs…

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    Do I really need an external series gate resistor on the ADuM4120/1?

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  • ADuM4120/1 frequency graph only go to 500 kHz

    The minimum pulse width is 50 ns, which means a 20 MHz period. Why does the ADuM4120/1 frequency graph only go to 500 kHz?