• Common-Mode voltages on ADuM3070 / ADuM4070

    We're making a test board for a very noise sensitive sensor. It has to be
    galvanic isolted so we want to use the AdUM3070 or AdUM4070 for this. What is
    the difference between these two? After the galvanic isolator we have LDO's to …
  • RE: ADuM4070 EVB Status And H/W Design Precaution

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  • ADuM4070 with high input voltage and 3.3V 1A output

    I have already used the AduM3070, as isolated Power supply of 2W. Now I would
    use this chip to make an isolated power supply of 3.5W-4W, as I need to solve
    space. Do you have any application ready, or can you address me on the right…
  • ADuM4070 - Setting Fsw to 120kHz with Roc = 510kohm -  What are the implications of setting

    200kHz > Fsw < 1MHz according to data sheet, but EMC problems fixed by reducing Fsw. Initial trials satis but what are the reliability issues arising?

  • ADuM4070 X1,X2 terminals exceed the abso max.


    ADuM4070's X1 or X2 terminal connect to coil.

    So these exceed the absolute max spec.

    Why doesn't use the diode between gnd in evaluation board circuit?(UG-403)

    Two snubbers are enough to reduce the negative peak voltage?



  • Isolated DC-DC with 7,000V working voltage

    Hello All,

    One of my customer needs isolated power supply.

    He once chose the ADUM4070 isolated DC/DC regulator with external transformer.

    However, the ADUM4070 working DC voltage is 849V, its data sheet stated. He needs 7,000V DC working voltage isolated…

  • ADuM4070EBZ Eval-Board – Isolated Output supply current differs to the released data-sheet values


    I bought the Eval-Board ADuM4070EBZ directly from AnalogDevices.

    My desired operation-mode corresponds with the default-mode of the Eval-Board.

    (Switching frequency 500kHz; Transformer Coilcraft CR7983-CL; Vinput 5VDC; VISOoutput 5VDC).

    I need…

  • RE: Eval-ADuM4070EBZ layout data

    Hi Brian-san

    Thank you very much for your support.

    I saw X1/2 terminals were negative-swing on Evaluation board, even probe ground line minimized

    So it needs schottkys, I think.

    Is it strange?

    About VIAs, ADuM4070 evaluation board uses “through…

  • 简化采集系统,确保高质量,ADI 12导联ECG测量系统是这样实现的

    心电图是反映心脏兴奋的电活动过程,它对心脏基本功能及其病理研究方面,具有重要的参考价值。今天斑竹为大家带来了一款基于 ADAS1000 系列的 12 导联 ECG 测量系统,将相关解决方案分享给大家~

    基于 ADAS1000 系列的 12 导联 ECG 测量系统下载链接:https://www.analog.com/cn/design-center/landing-pages/002/reference-design/china/reference-design-adas1000ecg.html

  • RE: About Isolated power ciurcuit


    The ADuM4070 solution could be expanded with external MOSFETs in series with the X1 and X2 internal switches to increase the input side voltage to 12V, but this would add extra space to the design. I can only post images, but If you would like…