• CTRL Pins on ADuM3482

    Please can you explain the consequence of logic level signals applied to pins 7
    & 14 of the ADUM3482.


    So the CTRL pins of the ADuM3482 controls the default high or low for each side.

    CTRL1 controls the default state for side…
  • RE: ADuM3482  ground separation

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  • RE: Possible issue with Adum3482


    I'll check the CTRL1 line, may have had a bridge.



  • RE: Do you have iCoupler's EMC test result

    Hi Brian !

    I saw the PPT file but the title was ADuM1482(2nd generation).

    And I couldn't find the ADuM1482's datasheet?

    Is there any ADuM148x datashett?

    Or is it typo? ADuM3482 is the correct title?

    Best regards.


  • adum3482 optoisolator and power pin permutation query

    Can one use different voltage permutation wrt Adum3482 isolated pins, i.e.
    VDD1,VDDL1 5V and VDD2,VDDL2 3.3V ? With logic 1 on VIx i have a logic 1 on
    VOx (no inversion) ? I don't understand the CTRL function.


    The supplies on either…
  • iCoupler VDE document


    Our customer will use ADuM6402.

    So he requests VDE document.

    We check the document of VDE 0884 on your web site .

    Its document P.1 says "valid until 2014 12 31"

    (I reffer attachment).

    Uploaded document on web site has been expired…

  • Value of Clearance and creepage


    Our customer will use ADuM6402.

    Could you give me your advice what do below difference of value of clearance and creepage  mean ?

    VDE document downloaded on your web site says below.

    Clearance: Over 8.5mm

    Creepage: Over 8.5mm

    (Please refer…

  • RE: Some Questions for AD5700 HART device

    Hi Kaos,

    In other word, can the CN0267 circuit communicate as Tx and Rx?

    If so, 8ch are made from 8 x CN0267s, correct?


    You will need 8 x AD5421's or 2 x AD5755-1 (if application is group isolated not ch-ch isolated).

    You could either use 8…

  • ADuM6210 radiated emissions

    I apologize in advance for the length of this post! I have a quite a few questions here, so feel free to respond to them individually.

    We’re designing a product that will use the ADuM6210 with 5V input and 5V output to power another digital isolator…