• ADuM3471

    I will use the ADuM3471 in a new design. Can I use the output VOD to monitoring
    the voltage VISO? If there is a problem with the transformer then I have no
    VISO (VDD2 unpowered), what is the state of VOD?


    If VDD2 is 0V because VISO…
  • RE: AD5422 register read-back bit-shifted wth 5.6MHz clock

    Hi Eugene,

    As I understand, the ADuM3471 is only delaying the clock edges by the propagation delay, it doesn't reduce the clock speed. What happens is that there is a delay going into the ADuM3471 for the clock and then another delay from SDO going into…

  • Question for ref. design of ADuM3471

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer asked as following question.

    Why does your table-18 of datasheet ADuM3471 show a coil JA4631-Bl (1:2 turns ratio) for Fig-38?

    We will make VDD1=5V and Viso=15V.

    If so, we should choice a coil JA4650-Bl(1:3 turns ratio…

  • ADuM3471, light load question.


    Please advise on what is required to enable a system with a very low total standby power.

    Our customer is making progress in creating a demo using ADUM3471 .

    He writes:

    In reading through the documentation and checking out the hardware, I…

  • ADuM3471 Design Support package


    I am working on this CftL project which includes ADuM3471 as my isolator.  Due to time constraints, i would like to ask for your help if you can provide me a design support for the eval board EVAL-ADuM3471EBZ.

    i would like to review the schematic…

  • 关于ADuM3471在CN0292中的VDD2输入/输出配置





  • Generating 3 Voltages with ADuM347x

    Is it possible to draw 5(10)mA on VDD2 (5V)?
    What is the max. current that can be drawn on VDD2?


    Per the datasheet, table 4, the max current on VDD2 is 50mA, but this total
    includes the internal current to supply the side 2 channels…
  • RE: Looking for an integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converter with the best output power.

    The ADuM3471 will provide 4 channels of digital isolation and has an integrated transformer driver and isolated PWM controller to provide up to 2W of output power at 5V in to 5V out.  There is a reference design that includes a BOM with transformer, diodes…

  • RE: Isolating a board from actuator and position sensors

    Sometimes if you don’t choose the correct L and C to filter the load current or if the feedback is not compensated correctly, the switching regulator feedback loop can become unstable.  Maybe if you used a switching controller that had the feedback built…

  • ADuM3471: using primary power 3.3V AND 5V ?


    we use ADuM3471 in a isolating design to interface a DAC to the CPU and generate the needed 12V for the analogue output circuit.

    Our implementation is like the reference design (datasheet, Fig.38).

    VDD1 ( 5V ) is connected to ADuM (VDDA) and…