• (ADuM3400)What is the difference between ADuM3400 & ADuM3400-EP?

  • ADuM1400 & ADuM3400 ESD HARDENED


    A customer asks me about the ADuM3400.

    The ADuM3400 is said to have better ESD immunity in the system than the ADuM1400.
    (By ADuM3400 Datasheet & AN-793)

    In the link below, there is no problem with 8kV for contact discharge and 15kV for air discharge…

  • ADuM3400 NC pin

    Hello ,

    I have a quick question on the ADuM3400 NC pin (pin 7).

    Q:  Is the ADuM3400 NC pin (pin 7) internally connected?

          If not, could connecting it to VCC1 cause any problem?


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  • FIT rate for ADuM3400

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Which is the master(input)side FIT rate on your following web site for ADuM3400?

    I found 2 FIT rates there.


    Our customer is studying your FIT rate due to take…

  • ADuM3400 & ADuM140E1 Internal ESD enhancements


    I am considering latchup on the ADuM3400 and ADuM140E1.
    I have two questions.

    ① According to AN-793, ADuM3400 has improved design of ESD enhancements.
    Is this design improvement applied to the ADuM140E1?

    ② Does the ADuM3400 and ADuM140E1 have the transient…

  • ADUM3400和ADUM1400


  • Fan out for ADUM3400


    I'm using ADUM3400 as a digital isolator for the project. I want to connect 12 DAC ICs (Microchip make) to the out channel of ADUM3400.

    But I'm not sure if this is the correct way to drive these many ICs logic gate from a single logic gate…

  • Isolating JTAG with ADUM3400

    Hi everybody,

    actually I'm trying to isolate the JTAG-Ports of teh ADSP-BF537 with 2 ADUM3400.

    But there are several problems.

    If I bypass TCK and TDO , so just TMS, EMU, TRST and TDI are isolated, everything works fine.

    If I isolate any of the…

  • ADUM3400 - Output Enable VE2 Maximum Value

    I have a question about the Absolute Maximum Rating (ADMU3400 Datasheet rev.E, pag.14): does the maximum value of VE2 be lower than VDD1+0.5V as indicate in the datasheet? Or is it a mistake, e.g. VDD2+0.5V?
    Thank you for your support.

  • ADuM3400和ADuM1400的ESD耐压等级分别为多少!