• ADuM3223 vs ADuM3220

    We have used ADUM3223 to drive high Voltage output, but it needs two different
    supplies (15V). Your colleague at Embedded World 2014 recommended ADuM3220. But
    I didn’t find the work voltage of ADuM3320. Could you please tell me, if this

  • ADUM3223 isolation issue


    I'm designing a new product and I'd like to use the ADUM3223, but I have a little doubt. In the datasheet there is a sentence wihch says:"The ADuM3223 provides 3000 V rms isolation in the narrow body, 16-lead SOIC package", but, later, there is…

  • ADuM3223

    In the driver ckt attached, there is 1.9mA flowing from the 12V bias in the pump diode with the input side disabled (DIS pulled high to 3.3v).  This current outputs from the GNDA pin, to the source of the high side FET and through the body diode, and out…

  • ADuM3223 issue

    Dear sir,

    I have some issue about ADuM3223 as attached file.

    Is the ADuM3223 can driver two MOSFET by Voa or Vob?

    If not connect resistance to GND, Is Voa has output voltage?

    please help to answer for me, Many Thanks!!!

  • ADuM3223 GND questions


        as we know ,the ADum3323 is the isolated half-bridge driver, in the Datasheet P16 , the SCH is as below

    we can see that, the GNDA is floating, can we connect the GNDA to a negative voltage, like -5V or else ??

  • ADuM3223 in H-bridge

    Please provide a basic application scheme for H-bridge. It is not clear how to
    connect it to H-bridge and what are the max permitted voltages.


    Please have a look into the below reference how to connect ADuM7234 to an
    H-bridge :

  • Specification for  ADuM3223

    We have questions for ADuM3223.



    We can see “UVLO at 2.5 V VDD1” on page 1 of the datasheet for ADuM3223.

    But we can’t find maximum/minimum specification for UVLO VDD1.

    How can we understand this specification?

    My assumption is as follows.

  • ADuM3223 Gate Drive


    I am using the ADuM3223 gate driver to drive the gates of an IGBT H-Bridge.  The control circuit is similar to the one shown in Figure 1 of the application note "Inside iCoupler Technology: Driving an H Bridge with ADuM3220 Isolated Gate Drivers…

  • ADUM3223 isolation architecture

    I am planning to use 4 half bridge config driver with both high side and low side isolated GND power supply using 4 ADuM3223  . Now my query  is that do I need separate isolated power supply for each of my half bridge driver as in my configuration always…

  • ADuM3223 PSpice simulation model

    Hello, guys, good afternoon!

    May I have yous attentions first, Now we are developing a project which is planing to use the IC ADuM3223, a isolated half-bridge drivers, now we are running the PSpice simulation of the design of this project. So the problem…