• IGBT AC switch using ADuM3221, what is the effect on the insulation lifetime?

    Hi, I am considering using the ADuM3221 to control an 250V AC switch consisting of two series connected IGBTs (collectors together). These IGBTs will be switched at 20kHz this means that the isolation barrier will have a 20kHz 250V square wave across…

  • RE: Parallel output of ADuM3221 for higher current?

    Hi Jake01,

    More information is needed to give you an answer. Do you have a target rise time and power device in mind? Do you need to use the ADuM3221, or can you use another driver? The external series gate resistor does so much more than just help with…

  • ADuM3221 Gate Pulldown Resistors


    I am designing a circuit that uses the ADuM3221 to drive some MOSFET gates.

    Ordinarily I would include a 1M pulldown resistor on the gate pin so that the FET will be off until all the logic powers up.

    Do you recommend this or is the behavior…

  • Hello. I want to know if the ouput of the ADuM3221 gate driver are isolated between them?

    The ouput of isolation circuit must be sustain 400V.

  • ADUM3221 voltage rating


    I am designing a full-bridge converter which has a maximum input voltage of 630V. My controller is placed on the seconday side, so I need an insulated gate driver to my primay side MOSFETs.

    I have been looking at the ADUM 3221 and on the website…

  • EVAL-ADuM322xEBZ dimensions

    I want to know the exact dimensions of demoboard isolated gate driver


    Dimensions for the attached EVAL-ADuM322xEBZ:
    A = 87.2mm
    B = 49.2mm
    C = 79.8mm
    D = 40.0mm
    Height = 8.5mm top to bottom across the posts…

  • RE: Power dissipation

    Hi ,

    The power dissipation for the ADG5298 depends on your supply voltage. It can be calculated from the datasheet by multiplying your supply voltage by Idd.

    I have contacted the relevant engineers for the ADUM3221, LT4356 and OP200. they should be in…

  • RE: Question about ADuM3221A

    Hello Kazu,

    The schematic you have drawn is correct, and a possible implementation of driving GaN. I don't recommend using the ADuM3221, though, for a few reasons:

    1) The CMTI is only 25 kV/µs, and GaN usually switches at a very fast slew rate

  • 哇哦,太阳能逆变器与摩尔定律保持一致!!!


    先交代一下背景故事,SolarEdge是太阳能逆变器、功率优化器和模块级监控服务领域的全球领导者,自公司成立以来短短 10 年内从新初创企业一跃成为行业领导者之一。奇迹是如何发生的呢?

    SolarEdge意识到若要摆脱逆变器的这些笨重、庞大的金属元件,则需要重新思考转换过程。虽然碳化硅 (SiC) 和氮化镓 (GaN) 等新的宽带隙交换技术的出现,有望革命性地改变下一代功率转换设计…

  • RE: Can't get the ADUM32220 to work

    Hello Fausto,

    The schematic shown looks like it should work. The ADuM3220 and ADuM3221 are able to drive the outputs with DC values. There is no minimum frequency at the input required, which is made possible by our transfer protocol.

    The ADuM3220 has…