• RE: ADuM3221


    Do you have this spice model for ADuM3221 available? 

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  • ADuM3221 Gate Pulldown Resistors


    I am designing a circuit that uses the ADuM3221 to drive some MOSFET gates.

    Ordinarily I would include a 1M pulldown resistor on the gate pin so that the FET will be off until all the logic powers up.

    Do you recommend this or is the behavior…

  • ADUM3221 Feasibility to drive load

    Hi, Everyone.

    I'm trying to use ADUM3221 to drive mosfet as below.

    Two questions :

    Q1. Can ADUM3221 drive MOSFETs as attached?(BTS5200, IRF7341)

    Q2. Continuous Current value? (IF VIA is  always high, how much current can be drown on VOA)

    Can It…

  • Problem with ADUM3221

    Hello, I use an ADUM3221 to drive an inverter with SiC JFETs. Each JFET switch is driven with one ADUM and has its own isolated gate power supply. At 300V DC-link voltage the inverter operates well. But at 450V or higher the ADUMs of the upper switches…

  • The usage of ADuM3221

    Hi, Everyone.

    I use two  ADuM3221 to driver a Synchronous Buck(I choose ADuM3221 becuase application requests the operation temperature -55℃~+125℃), whlie each ADuM3221 is connected to one mosfet. Both ADuM3221's Pin 3 and Pin 6 are vacant. I provide a…

  • ADUM3221 getting very hot.

    I am using an ADUM3221 to drive the gate of a large MOSFET (an IXTN600N04T2) at about 500 Hz. It appears to work but the ADUM3221 is getting very hot. What am I doing wrong?

  • ADUM3221 voltage rating


    I am designing a full-bridge converter which has a maximum input voltage of 630V. My controller is placed on the seconday side, so I need an insulated gate driver to my primay side MOSFETs.

    I have been looking at the ADUM 3221 and on the website…

  • Is adum3221 comtaible with concept driver for interfacing?

    I need to connect Concept company gate driver with a DSP so i select adum3221 for my application.Is this fine for my design?DSP can output 3.3V control signal and concept gate driver input level is 15V so i select this IC for this purpose.Can any one…

  • ADuM3221 to drive a brushed motor

    I would like to use a ADuM3221A to drive a brushed DC motor.
    Input voltage levels are 5V. Idea is to directly connect the DC motor with a  limiting 12 R resistor to the output pins VoA and VoB.

    VDD2 is 8V, motor  current around 0.8A.

    Depending on the…

  • Parallel output of ADuM3221 for higher current?


    I am wondering if it is possible and recommended to connect the two output pins VOA and VOB of the ADuM3221 in parallel to double the peak output current to 8A?

    I would like to use one of this driver in every leg of a 3 phase motor controller…