• ADUM3220: There is no Junction to Ambient thermal resistance given in datasheet

    There is no Junction to Ambient thermal resistance given in ADUM3220 datasheet?


    The junction to ambient thermal resistance for ADUM3220 should be similar to
    the ADuM5240 which is in the same package at 80C/W.
  • RE: H-bridge with ADuM3220

    Two ADuM3220 dual isolated gate drivers can be used to isolate an H-bridge.  The high-side switches need to be PMOS devices.  One device drives the low-side switches and the other drives the high-side switches.  The low-side ADuM3220 is ground referenced…

  • RE: High Voltage High Frequency H-Bridge

    cmjosak: The limit on switching frequency for the ADuM7234 and ADuM3220 is about 1MHz, and will be also limited by the power dissipated by the part determined by the switching frequency and amount of gate charge and voltage, which is shown for various…

  • ADuM3223 vs ADuM3220

    We have used ADUM3223 to drive high Voltage output, but it needs two different
    supplies (15V). Your colleague at Embedded World 2014 recommended ADuM3220. But
    I didn’t find the work voltage of ADuM3320. Could you please tell me, if this
  • ADuM3220 starting delays

    According the Table 12 of the Rev.C datasheet, the "Outputs return to the input
    state within 1us of VDD2 power restoration". However, I'm experiencing a delay
    of about 70us with a VDD2 of 15V. Why?


    There are actually two…
  • Testing the ADUM3220/3221


    I am designing an electrical stimulator to produce two consecutive peaked waveforms of length roughly 100us at 300 volts. Each peak pair shall be 10ms after the previous. I have chosen the ADuM3220 chip, a transformative isolator, because of…

  • RE: Shoot-Through Protection

    The ADuM3220 offers shoot through protection logic which has logic on the output side that detects if both input signals are high at the same time and sets the outputs low to prevent the 2 outputs from turning on at the same time. This protects against…

  • RE: Can't get the ADUM32220 to work

    Hello Fausto,

    The schematic shown looks like it should work. The ADuM3220 and ADuM3221 are able to drive the outputs with DC values. There is no minimum frequency at the input required, which is made possible by our transfer protocol.

    The ADuM3220 has…

  • RE: ADuM3221 to drive a brushed motor

    The circuit with an ADuM3220 and DMN3024LSD works well. The motor current is currently 100 mA at 9V power supply.

    I have found 2 ways to simplify the circuit:

    A) Using one ZXMHN6A07T8 4N full H-Bridge to replace the two DMN3024LSD

    b) Using the Allegro…

  • ADuM3220 - using the shoot-through protection

    I want to use the ADuM3220 shoot-through protection in an unusual way:

    This is only one part of a stepper motor driver.

                        [note that the full H-Bridge & load is omitted [for now] on the schematic]

    I have ONLY one signal, so I invert it for…