• ADuM3160 with USB2.0 & 3.0

    I have a device in production where I use the ADUM3160 to isolate an USB HID
    I never face any problem till now.

    In some PC with a USB3.0 (RENESAS USB 3.0 HOST CONTROLLER) the peripheral is
    not recognized (Unknown device…
  • ADUM3160 communication issue

    I constantly get "USB device not recognized". The device works fine (direct connection with usb cable). I measured 5V on VDD1 and the isolated 5V on VDD2.

    Schematic is like above, PDEN (pin 4) is connected to VDD1 and PIN (pin 12) is connected…

  • ADUM3160 Configuration

    We don’t truly have a VBUS available in the system. Looking through the datasheet, can I connect +5V to VBUS on both sides of the isolator? Or do I have to use +3.3V if I truly don’t have a VBUS signal?

    When our system is powered on, we will always have…

  • ADUM3160 USB3.0 compatibility problem

    Hello, I'm using an ADUM3160 USB isolator in my project.

    I'm facing a usb enumeration problem when I connect the USB to a USB 3.0 port (RENESAS USB 3.0 HOST CONTROLLER).

    If I connect the pheripheral to an USB 2.0 port I don't have problem. …

  • ADuM3160 IBIS model


    Could you provide IBIS model for ADuM3160?

    Because my customer need estimate timing specification with PCB trace.

    Best Regards


  • ADuM3160 ESD Test Error


    Our customer carried out ESD test as attached but ADuM3160 seems not to withstand over +/-2kV.

    When over +/-2kV ESD is applied, USB communication fails. Customer tried to test several samples and all of

    them could not withstand over +/-2kV. (+/-4kV…

  • RE: ADUM3160 ST-link


    Apologies for the delay in responding. Can you please mention what specific IC is connected to ADuM3160, cropped off on the right of the schematic? I note there's a 24 MHz crystal connected which is usually required for USB 2.0 high speed mode (480…

  • ADUM3160 communication failed issue

    Hi ADIexpert

    I use ADUM3160 to isolate USB data from my CPU to external USB device (in my test, it's a keyboard)

    please see my  test circuit and configuration below




    VBUS1: 5V

    VDD1/PDEN/SPU: 3.3V


  • ADUM3160/ADUM4160 ATEX Certified?

    Hi ADI Folks,

    May I confirm if ADUM3160 and ADUM4160 are ATEX certified? Thanks.



  • ADUM3160 transient maximum ratings


    We are using common mode chokes at USB data lines for EMC purposes. But they distort the signal at EOP signalization that is not differential (USB 2.0). This distortions is causing some spikes.

    The datasheet of ADUM3160, in table 7, show the…