• ADUM3160



    I have a question,Please tell me about ADuM3160.

    (1) PIN terminal
    Is it a problem to think of it as a digital input terminal
    Is it correct by recognizing that the upstream side is digitally switched in the isolated state with or without pull-up?


  • ADUM3160

    Dear Sir ,

    I would like to turn off the USB and could I use to PDEN pin to tied to GND?

    According to Data sheet pin description  , while PDEN tied to GND and it seems to go to test mode and I'm not sure it was be a power down function or not?


  • RE: What is the diffrence between the ADum 3160 and Adum4160?

    Basically the ADuM3160 and the ADuM4160 are the same functional wise. The only difference is the certified isolation rating, as can be seen already on the front-page of each of the data-sheets.

    The ADuM3160 is only 2.5kV rated and the ADuM4160 is certified…

  • ADuM3160 for USB isolation

    I want to use the ADUM3160 to isolate a USB Line. The ADUM3160 must be
    connected direclty to a PC USB output, and have to drive a USB cable and the
    USB peripheral. What I want to know is, can I use this part also in USB1.1
  • RE: ADuM3160 chip USB device and host driver support under linux

    Hi ,

    We have never tried to use ADuM3160 chip on the SC587 ADSP processor before, but I don't think it requires one Linux driver for this chip. I think for software, you only need to configure the USB controller mode in Linux following the…

  • RE: Does the ADuM3160 require a Windows driver?

    Hi electrotwelve,

    The ADuM3160 does not require drivers. The device will be transparent to communications.

    The ADuM3160 is designed to be hardwired to either low-speed or full-speed operation. It may be possible to get the device into an unknown state…

  • ADuM3160 ESD Test Error


    Our customer carried out ESD test as attached but ADuM3160 seems not to withstand over +/-2kV.

    When over +/-2kV ESD is applied, USB communication fails. Customer tried to test several samples and all of

    them could not withstand over +/-2kV. (+/-4kV…

  • ADUM3160 problems


    I have a ADUM3160 between a USB-B connector and a Microchip PIC32MX270 processor. This is a USB UAC stereo Audio DAC capable of 24/96 and operating in the asynchronous configuration.

    In the async protocol a feedback pipe is established to make sure…

  • RE: ADuM3160 IBIS model


    Is it available ADuM4160 IBIS model as ADuM3160 estimate for similar result?

    best Regards