• RE: ADUM3160 communication issue


    Connecting SPU and SPD to VDD1/VDD2 will set the ADuM3160 to full speed mode. If a low speed peripheral is connected on the downstream side (side 2) then communication won't work.

    Do you just have USB Type B/Type A connectors (and cable to PC…

  • RE: ADUM3160 communication failed issue

    Hi Ken,

    DD- is high in your screenshot above, suggesting the keyboard is presenting as low-speed (pulling DD- high).

    If the keyboard itself is a low speed device, then you will need to pull SPU and SPD low, as well as removing the 10k pull-up on D+ (if…

  • RE: ADUM3160 ST-link


    Apologies for the delay in responding. Can you please mention what specific IC is connected to ADuM3160, cropped off on the right of the schematic? I note there's a 24 MHz crystal connected which is usually required for USB 2.0 high speed mode (480…

  • ADUM3160



    I have a question,Please tell me about ADuM3160.

    (1) PIN terminal
    Is it a problem to think of it as a digital input terminal
    Is it correct by recognizing that the upstream side is digitally switched in the isolated state with or without pull-up?


  • ADuM3160 speed config

    I have an application using the ADuM3160 where the customer wants to be able to dynamically select between lo-speed and full-speed mode.  The datasheet says that the part cannot make this adjustment on the fly so I added provision to cycle power on both…

  • ADUM3160

    Dear Sir ,

    I would like to turn off the USB and could I use to PDEN pin to tied to GND?

    According to Data sheet pin description  , while PDEN tied to GND and it seems to go to test mode and I'm not sure it was be a power down function or not?


  • ADuM3160 Communication Problem

    I am working on a board that was recently revised to include an ADuM3160.  It is quite similar to circuit posted by Jie in "ADuM3160 configuration" on 2/2/12.  Note: The DD+ pullup is in our circuit.

    5 out of 10 boards get discovered by the host…

  • ADUM4160/ADUM3160


    My customer is facing problems with the USB isolators during the EMC tests.

    They made a new layout as per ADI's recommendations but this problem still exists.

    Any advise?



  • ADuM3160 configuration

    Hi everbody,I'm using adum3160 for isolate the PC and controller board, iCoupler ADuM4160/ADuM3160 USB Isolator Evaluation Board as reference, it's many confused about the PIN, configurated as high level but without response,no much better if LOW…

  • ADUM3160 problem



         I started working with ADUM3160 recently. When i first connected it between usb port and a device, it worked fine then after sometime it stopped working. Then again after sometime it started working, i find this very strange and not able find…