• ADUM3160 communication issue

    I constantly get "USB device not recognized". The device works fine (direct connection with usb cable). I measured 5V on VDD1 and the isolated 5V on VDD2.

    Schematic is like above, PDEN (pin 4) is connected to VDD1 and PIN (pin 12) is connected…

  • ADUM3160 communication failed issue

    Hi ADIexpert

    I use ADUM3160 to isolate USB data from my CPU to external USB device (in my test, it's a keyboard)

    please see my  test circuit and configuration below




    VBUS1: 5V

    VDD1/PDEN/SPU: 3.3V


  • RE: ADUM3160 ST-link


    Apologies for the delay in responding. Can you please mention what specific IC is connected to ADuM3160, cropped off on the right of the schematic? I note there's a 24 MHz crystal connected which is usually required for USB 2.0 high speed mode (480…

  • ADUM3160 isolation for controller's VBUS sensor pin


    I want to use ADUM3160 for my controller's USB which is self powered and running in device mode.

    VBUS pin is used for connect / disconnect sensing. but I do not see provision for the VBUS isolation. Can one guide me how to achieve the isolation…

  • ADUM3160 problems


    I have a ADUM3160 between a USB-B connector and a Microchip PIC32MX270 processor. This is a USB UAC stereo Audio DAC capable of 24/96 and operating in the asynchronous configuration.

    In the async protocol a feedback pipe is established to make sure…

  • [硬件设计/求助]ADUM3160在超过40摄氏度时失效








  • Placement of ADUM3160 and ADUM5020, is it possible to place them on opposing sides of the pcb


    I am in the need for a USB Isolator with minimal footprint and I was wondering if it is possible to place the ADUM5020 on the top side and the ADUM3140 on the bottom side? SO that they are right above each other. The will be an isolation cut, so…

  • ADuM3160 chip USB device and host driver support under linux

    Hi ,

    I'm using ADuM3160 chip for USB Host and Device on a SC587 ADSP processor based product where we need a linux drivers which supports USB host and device.

  • ADuM3160 - Problems during EMC tests


    we currently use an ADuM3160 to isolate our USB port which is running as USB host. During EMC testing with a bulk current injection (BCI) probe,

    the USB connection is interrupted when testing between 30~32 MHz.

    Is the ADuM3160 internally working…

  • ADuM3160 for USB isolation

    I want to use the ADUM3160 to isolate a USB Line. The ADUM3160 must be
    connected direclty to a PC USB output, and have to drive a USB cable and the
    USB peripheral. What I want to know is, can I use this part also in USB1.1